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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Default Rant! Rant! Rant!

Ok, a little background. My dh is six foot one, I'm five foot five.

So I've been busting my butt to lose weight. Counting calories, giving up junk, portion control AND exercise! My husband eats anything and everything. Well I've lost about 25 pounds in 3 months. Guess what?!? So has he!!!!
This is so not fair!!!!!!!!!!! He's not even trying to lose weight! He eats crap! And lots of crap!
Now I'm grumpy *grumpy face*

One for every five pounds lost!
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Bravo for losing 25 pounds in three months--that's awesome!!! Keep up the good work!
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sorry! I know how frustrating that is! Men naturally metabolize at least 200 calories more..and since there's a big height difference there is probably a bigger calorie gap! I know it sucks! But kudos on a 25lb shed! Awesome!
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Since I started my current weight loss I lost 21 lbs in about 8 weeks. Well like 5 weeks ago the hubby decided to eat better. He does no additional exersize and has lost about 23 lbs. I know he needs to lose more than me. He has another 20 l s to go and I only have 6, but it is frustrating. He also really pigs out on Saturdays not saying no to anything, I do have pasta, rice or red meat but still restrain myself. It's not fair but that's just how guys are. I guess at least u know u must be healthier than him + u have more will power and in the long run will be better off.

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Fear does not = fate
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Mine is the same way, I'll work out and he'll just look at me and go play video games. And lose 4lbs...
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Yeh, for sure no fair!! Hang in there.. and on your 25 pound loss.

I also want to say how much I appreciate you in the forum, as I see you "all over the place" stepping in to encourage and welcome someone else!!

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dirty labour daughter
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I so feel you! My husband eats healthy now, but hasn't always - I've literally watched the man eat TWO whole large pizzas by himself in one sitting. He's 5'11" and effortlessly, naturally weighs between 125-135 pounds.
final goal!

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I can relate!! My BF eats all sorts of fattening food all day long. Since the past week I am dieting, he has just been eating healthy with me when we meet in the evenings. Rest of the day, he will just stuff himself with food. In the past week, he had chocolate pastry twice, all soaked in chocolate syrup, which itself crosses my daily calorie limit.

Here I am busting my a** going to the gym and eating all sorts of boring food; and I am just down half a pound. And him, he has lost a little over 4 lbs. Just because he eats healthy just once a day with me


4th Jan 2013 - Started weight loss journey - 205 lbs

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Mine switched from Pepsi to water three weeks ago and has lost 17 lbs. I hate him. He did nothing else to change his lifestyle. And he told me the other night I must be binging in secret to not be losing.
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This is my husband, too! Actually, I have lost a little over 50 pounds to his 10 pounds but while I lost mine by counting calories, he lost his by magic or something.lol Or maybe donuts have a reverse effect on him? If he lost 50 pounds he would be severly emaciated though. He just wasn't that big to start off.
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My husband too!! He started tracking calories on MFP after I showed him how I was doing it. He's down almost 20lbs without even trying. Well, he does eat more veggies and salad since I can't have chips and other junk in the house (he never really ate it anyways). The lack of takeout food is helping him too.

If he didn't lose any weight, I'd be honing in on him to finally weigh less than him. But now that he's lost 20lbs, he's that much further away from me lol.

A healthier husband is a great thing, no matter how frustrating. It's just their metabolism and will power that baffle me most!!

*Hugs Mozzy* I totally understand!!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Thanks y'all! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a hubby that "magically" loses weight!

And thanks everyone for the congrats on my 25lbs :-)

One for every five pounds lost!
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I'm not married, but both of my parents are trying to lose weight too.

My dad (6'1, approximately 220 at the start) has lost 30 pounds since... September or so? I haven't even lost that much, in twice the amount of time! He can skip a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and BOOM! 5 pounds. Gone.

Why are women the ones expected to keep themselves thin, when guys are the ones that lose easier? This is backwards!!
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My husband eats junk, smokes like a chimney, and watches TV and plays computer games all night... and yet his check-ups are always stellar.

Despite being fat, I've never been much of a junk food eater (just a BIG eater of good food) and have never smoked or consumed much alcohol, but I have moderately high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic.

The difference? He does physical labor. I have a desk job.

I guess it would bother me if I thought about it too much, but I'm just grateful that he's healthy.
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