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Yes, guilty of sucking it in. haha. It may work or not, just mental lol

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I sometimes do it too, especially when I pass by a mirror and catch my refection in it. I instinctively suck my stomach and arch my back like I'm trying to seduce myself. I don't use a pillow to cover up my stomach but I always make sure my tops are long enough so there's no chance of any belly fat being revealed.
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Originally Posted by Natasha22 View Post
I sometimes do it too, especially when I pass by a mirror and catch my refection in it. I instinctively suck my stomach and arch my back like I'm trying to seduce myself.
Haha, I do that too! I stick my head forward just a bit to make my face look slimmer, as well.
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keep going
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Here's an article about sucking in your stomach relating to anxiety
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ive been doing this since I was about 11?? I don't know. I can suck it in A LOT though, I don't know if it's because I've done it so long or what.y waist will go from 39-40 inches to 34-35. and my tummy will actually look pretty darn flat. I remember when I was 14 and didn't want to wear a 2 piece my mom was like, but your belly is flat! and I'm like no I suck it in. and showed her how mug of a difference it made. it's honesty impressive, LOL.
So by now its an unconscious thing.
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It is what it is...
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Nope, it is what it is ...
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It's a pillow for me when I sit down and if I'm wearing a tight-ish top. I carry my weight on my stomach rather than anywhere else and even when I was 100lbs I still had a pooch. Sometimes I wish I carried it on my hips and boobs instead so I could have a more hourglass figure!
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Originally Posted by kelseyvc View Post
Since I started caring about my appearance as a young teen, I admit that I have almost always sucked in my stomach at least a little bit while in front of anyone else. (I'll suck it in hard if I'm trying to "strut my stuff", though I think a lot of people do that) If anyone else is in the room, I also like to hug a pillow to my stomach when I'm sitting on the couch so I can relax and let my gut out.

Is this common? I heard somewhere that sucking in your stomach just a little helps straighten your back and keep your chest high, thus making it a part of good posture. That might have been extremely outdated, though; I didn't read it from a "health" source (can't remember exactly where, though).
I wasn't aware that there was another way to stand.
jkjk, but yah I suck in! I find that my chest and bum is getting smaller too, while my gut and thighs are taking longer, so to "balance things out" I suck in.
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Every step is progress.
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Since I've lost some of the weight, I tend to "suck it in" moreso as it flattens out my lumpy abdomen. (okay well makes it flatter, doesn't flatten entirely) As I lose weight, its exciting to see that rolls are disappearing

As previously suggested though, I've tried to start sucking it in less, and "engaging" the muscles more. I have certainly found that my posture improves. I also found that initially my stomach hurt at first

I had one of these that I attributed to bad posture, etc but since I lost weight, I lost my hump on the back of my neck. Totally unexpected bonus to the weight loss.
Thank you! That is a wonderful bonus! Mine isn't as pronounced as it was in the beginning, but I was just concerned there was something wrong with me. Its good to know I'm not some kinda freak
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i dont suck it in! i try to focus on losing it so i dont ever have to go and face that problem. try and lose it you feel good in the end
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Originally Posted by berryblondeboys View Post
As you get more fit you don't need to suck it in purposefully (and I don't really mean sucking it in, but engaging the core). your body will tighten up more naturally as a NATURAL state. It will take work to relax those muscles to let it all hang out. Whereas being unfit, it takes work to suck it in and keep it in. Does that make sense?

We aren't supposed to "let it all hang out". our bodies were made to be more firm/toned.
Yes, I agree!!

I've noticed lately, that my core kind of pulls itself in. If you strengthen the muscles in your core it improves your posture and you don't need to suck in .
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Shrinking Angela
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I feel like I started sucking in in 9th grade...

And it's embarrassing to admit, but I can't not suck in now. That's just how I am.
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