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Default Birthday Present?

My dad turns 60 on the 18th and apart from a calendar, I haven't gotten him anything. He is the hardest person to buy for.

He doesn't drink - so I can't get him anything alcohol related (such as beer kits, or shot glasses or whatever).

He doesn't smoke.

He doesn't travel.

He doesn't really like cars. I mean he does, but not like some guys.

He's not a big sports fan, though he does have a bit of an interest in hockey. Not much and he can't name his favorite team.

He's not very technologically skilled. He knows how to search Youtube and check his e-mail (and forward chain letters, *sigh*), but beyond that he's pretty helpless. We bought him an e-reader this Christmas and he loves it.

He's not a big movie buff. I've bought him DVDs in the past and they eventually get donated to the Salvation Army unopened.

He's not into clothes - and if I buy him another funny t-shirt he said he'd disown me LOL

He's not a big coffee drinker - so no Starbucks gift cards or such.

Basically, he works as a welder in a mine. He comes home, he eats dinner, mom and him watch a bit of TV, he goes on Youtube, and then he goes to bed. On his days off, he's either doing chores around the house, or watching Youtube or reading a book or dragging mom out for a drive in the boonies.

He loves horses though. He wants acreage with horses and to be way in the bush (he is crazy.. lol). He likes to hunt (but just grouse, maybe duck this Fall, not deer or anything bigger). He likes to fish, though doesn't do much of it. He likes the outdoors. He likes dogs and training his black Lab for bird hunting.

Basically, I'm stuck as to what to get him. We never seem to do much for my parent's birthdays, but this is his 60th! I can't afford much either. I'm going in for the THIRD try at this root canal plus fillings thing on Wednesday and with the IV anesthetic for 3 hours it's cost me $1000 (money I don't have but they're graciously doing a payment plan for me). I want to get him something, I just can't think of any decent ideas within a reasonable budget.

Any thoughts?
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I'm pretty bad with gift ideas too...

Maybe instead of buying him something you can make him like a 3-course meal? Or something along those lines...But if you really want to buy him a gift, then I'm not really sure. Sorry if this wasnt any help..
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Could you get him some books for his e-reader? I have the Kindle app on my phone and LOVE it so for Christmas my sister bought me an entire book series and had it sent to my Kindle. It was a fantastic present and worked seamlessly.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Being he likes to drive in the boonies, I would buy him a gift card /gift certificate for gas at a gas station! I do this for my dad for his birthday & Christmas & he loves it, he goes out fishing, brings mom out shopping, to appointments, out for dinner etc. & everybody ALWAYS need gas to get you to point A to point B! So me thinks your dad will enjoy this as well....
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What about this:

SMP-N200 Streaming Player

it turns any TV into a "smart TV" so your dad can watch his Youtube videos from the comfort of the couch. It's wireless so it's easy to connect to a wireless home network (if they have one) or you can use a cable to get to the internet.
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My parents prefer spending time with me over gifts, so maybe that would mean more to him? If you're within reach, of course, take him to dinner.
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A gift card to buy books for his e-reader?
Fishing/hunting supplies (for example, a nice warm fleece for when he goes out)

ETA: also, sturdy boots. Or fieldglasses, but those can get to be a bit pricey. Maybe training dummies to teach the dog. I don't know how into hunting he really is, but he might appreciate the supplies and use them as a chance to get more into it.

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Things I have bought for hard to buy for men are: car wash certificates,
lotto tickets, coffee cards, movie gift certicates, crossword books, puzzles,
trip to the zoo, basket for watching TV/movies filled with candy, popcorn, snacks they like, homemade birthday cake with their favoritie decorations.

Good luck
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Gift card for books for his e-reader. I got some for my birthday & Christmas & that was an awesome gift for me.

Order him a nice steak dinner from Kansas City Steaks or Omaha Steaks.
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You could buy him a gift card that can be used anywhere. Then he could get what he wanted.
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I am totally into gifts that are from the heart and not the pocket book and as your dad, I'm sure he would rather spend time with you than get something of monetary value from you.

Either make him (and your mom) some gourmet meal with dessert and all the trimmings or give him some other thing you can DO that would make him feel great. Like help him with some chores he's been putting off.

Anyone can buy a gift with $. It's the stuff we do that really counts.
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I made a basket for my dad with targets for the shooting range, some ammo, a couple of books on guns, and a few cleaning components. You could make an awesome basket with maybe a book or some targets as the backbone, ammo, fishing lures, etc. Of course, for my dad, I put a gigantic, ironic hot pink bow on it, because it was just such a MAN basket.
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mandalinn I am stealing that idea for my Daddy's birthday! That's fantastic!

rainbow my dad likes to garden, so at Christmas I got him one of those benches you can sit or kneel on, and they have handles to make it easier to get up. Also got him a beneficial bug house. It's like a bird house, but it attracts bugs that are good for the garden. So if he likes to do gardening....that's an idea.
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You guys rock! Thanks so much for all the ideas - I've definitely added a few to the list. We're going out for dinner, I believe, but I do plan on making him his favorite treat: scones. He loves my blueberry scones.

To who suggested the video streaming thingamajig, unfortunately my mom dominates the TV lol so he's sentenced to watch Youtube from either his Kobo or the computer.

I love the idea for gas cards, gift cards for his Kobo (which actually made me think of another gift I could get him! A subscription to one of his magazines, he LOVES magazines, that is now available in eReader format), and outdoor/hunting supplies. He has a few training dummies, I got him a Dokken duck for Christmas but I know he's also wanting a chest protector for his Lab. Lots of ideas to choose from now!

I'll be moving in with them, for the next 7 years or so, at the end of the month so we'll have LOTS of time to spend together (which I'm kind of thankful for even if I hate the city they live in), so he'll get his fair share of seeing me around lol :P
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What about history or war stuff? My dad is always watching the Military Channel or the History channel, so one year my husband and I bought him some DVDs on WWII and the military.
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