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Default sad things

I just found out my cat is probably dying. I'm out of town and won't be able to see him alive because I won't be back for a while yet. He's with my family and they are taking good care of him, at least.

He's the closest thing I have to a kid and the option of kids on the horizon was sort of knocked down when my husband cheated on me and we separated a few months ago. So, my cat is special to me for a lot of reasons. I love the little guy and I'm pretty sad about this news.

Anyway, I've never really had a pet before and so I'm losing my first pet, which is why this is tough. I'm in my 30s, but, that doesn't make it feel any less significant. There's a very slim chance that he might be okay for a little while, but it seems he has some kind of cancer and the tumor busted open inside and so he's not well at all.

Have any of you lost beloved pets that meant a lot to you? What did you do to honor them and keep them alive in your memory?
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I am so sorry pets are so special and it is hard to lose them.

We lost our family cat of 16 years about 7 years ago. She was the only constant (along with my wonderful mom) in my brother's and in my life. We loved our cat. The vet, who had been her vet her entire life, buried her in her rose garden. It was hard for a few years. I would randomly think of her and start crying. It is easier now and I have lots of good memories.

I lost my heart horse in 2009. I first got him when I was 14 and he was 17. He saved my life. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't had him in my life. We had a great partnership. I retired him to be a beginners lesson horse when he was 23/24 and he had 3.5 more years of work. In the later years it was very light work . At 28, he started experiencing nuriological problems. He suspect he had a stroke. He was in no pain, but he was put down a few week later. He was a good horse to so many people and he deserved to go before
he felt pain. I made sure clip some of his tail so that I can send it off to get a bracelet made. I haven't decided on who to use, so I haven't gotten it done yet.

The pain does heal although not right away. Think of all the good memories. Don't hesitate to look through the photos and have a good cry. It may take a couple years.

Good luck.

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You will always miss that cat, so get ready for that. I lost my 14 year old dog two years ago. My youngest son did not remember his life without that dog, because we got him when my son was 2. As a game, we still pretend he is around the house, so when we cannot find our shoes or food disappears "mysteriously" we say he dropped by and took that with him. We also remember funny things he did --he was a playful, whimsical glutton, the first dog on earth to thank you when you gave his his food, and only then start to eat-- and try to supply all the details about that episode. I think in that way we dealt with his loss quite well, and celebrate his life with a smile.

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Yes, I have had to see my dog put down. Hardest thing I ever did.The vet was wonderful and the office sent me a very wonderful letter after he was gone. My precious little boy is buried in a lovely pet cemetary.
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I'm 53 and have had cats all my life, so I've had to deal with losing quite a few of them. It sucks, no two ways about it. But that's the price I'm willing to pay to have them in my life. I try to remember what I loved about each of them and am glad to have known all of them.
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Oh wow. What a hard thing to face. We had a beloved guinea pig for 7 years. It was so hard to loose her. She was such a large presence in our lives. We eventually moved on to new pigs but still honor her memory.
to you in this hard time. I am so sorry you won't be able to say good bye in person. I held my pig when they put her to sleep and cried so much.
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I am so sorry your poor little cat is dying, and that you will not be able to say goodbye. I have always had cats and when I have had to have them euthanised I mourn for months. Even now I hurt for them.

I am 60 years old and remember my cats vividly from the age of 8. The thing is there comes a time when you have to remember the great times, the special cuddles, the times they were overjoyed to see you or just their fussiness over food or territory that was quirky and endearing.

I wish I had more photographs of some of my cats, catching that peculiar expression that is particular to each one or that silly ear thing that one did, or the strut of another. I remember it but, until my recent cats, I did not record enough of the things that make memories.

Last year I had my beloved Babbo put down. He was suffering and I selfishly held on to him thinking I could comfort him better. I should have done it sooner ...at least by two weeks, but I did not. I am sorry my little Babs. But now I start to remember him in his prime. He was such a strutter! In his old age (he was 18) he was deaf and had no teeth but he still had cute moments of attitude and defiance and he was such a sweet natured, cuddly, loving and trusting little fella. I adored him and I miss him so much. I have tons of pictures and I love them.

All I can do to honour and keep him alive is what I am doing, I am missing him and remembering him. You don't forget, you just grow to remember less often but when you do you make it count and remember the good stuff.

See now I have tears in my eyes. I do wish my little boy was still here, summer will come soon and his deckchair will be empty again.

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i remember my brother and i's first kitty. his name was leo and he was the sweetest little orange kitty!
a few years later he wondered away out of the house and we never had been able to find him again (poor guy!)

it's amazing the impression beloved pets leave on you. they're the most loyal companion any human being could have.
i agree with what others have said- time will heal the wounds but crying when you need to is definitely okay and even expected. take care through this difficult time. we're always here if you need to talk.
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Oh, neon_zephyr, I'm so sorry.

I've only had 1 kitty. I got her in college, she was my only roomie when I bought my house, and I had to put her down a couple years ago. She was 15 years old. It was AWFUL. She was the first pet that was all mine, and I had to make the decision and take her to the vet. She was my furry baby.

I hope you get to say goodbye, but if you don't, do NOT beat yourself up for it. You gave him a great life, and he knows it.

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I'm so sorry to hear! Pets though people think they're just animals they really aren't! I had to give my cats to my grandma when I moved back home two years ago for reasons and I missed them so much. Though they aren't dead it was still heart breaking because they were my babies.

At least your family is taking the best care of him that they can! I know it must suck not being able to say goodbye but he'll soon be in a better place with no pain.
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I had to put my dog down last year and it was the worst day of my life. It's amazing how pets become a part of you, and I know how much it sucks to lose that.

Animals aren't afraid of what lies ahead of them. What really matters is that your cat had a nice, healthy life up until now. I'm glad to hear he's being well taken care of. Whatever happens, focus on the positives and you will be okay!
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