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Default Absolutely horrific things you used to do...

So, yesterday, I made some veggie sweet and sour. It was very good. I chopped red and orange peppers, red onion, sweet onion, broccoli and carrots and cooked them in 1 tbls of oil. Towards the end I added some sweet and sour sauce (about 2 tbls for the entire batch), soy sauce and pineapples with a bit of pineapple juice added in to the sauce, then I added rice and Mmmmm it was good!

Anyhow, me and my bf were sitting there eating dinner and we started talking about things we USED to do, and now, 46 days later, how our habits have changed. Here are some tidbits of the convo:

"Remember when we used to order in Chinese? We would get like 40$ worth and a ton of different foods."


"I haven't been to the Chinese buffet in 50+ days. They must think I'm dead."


"Remember that one time I ate an entire pizza by myself?"


"When I first started back On Plan, walking down Forbes ave was torture....the chinese smells, the smell of wings or of homefries. (various restaurants in the area) and now I walk through there and all I can smell is grease and it grosses me out."


Do you have any? I hope you do
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I haven't had a Chinese Buffet in over a year. That's the one place I'm too scared to go to. Buffets just aren't good because I start seeing dollar signs and want to get the most out of my money.

My worst meal choice was Captain D's two fish platter with fries, hush puppies and a large full sugar Mountain Dew...and extra "crispies" on the side. That's fried batter if any of you aren't familiar and they'd give me a very large box of them. I just tried to do a calorie search on them but couldn't find anything.

I used to eat double and triple portions of everything I ate and honestly didn't know any better. I hate that I used to think a full chicken breast was a healthy serving size.

I used to be the casserole queen, and the heart of a good casserole is cream of *something* soup and often butter and bread crumbs.

I used to get zero exercise. It was wake up, go to work, vedge on couch, repeat.
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Your veggie sweet n' sour sounds sooooo goood!!!! Gotta have it!

Things I used to do:
I work for a chocolate company and I could eat 1# of candy by myself per shift!!!! Urgh! Really!
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Oh, what to pick from. DH & I were famous for ordering $50 worth of chinese food too and eating most of it. I had bags of cookies hidden around the house. I could easily eat all of an m&m's package (had to be peanuts) in one very short sitting. I overate healthy things too, we have these breakfast pita things that have fruit in them, very nice toasted - and one for breakfast isn't bad! But I'd have 3-4 of them with two big cups of coffee laced with full fat cream and sugar. Anyhow it's no mystery how I got to be obese! Oh another one - I remember driving to work in the morning and I'd stop at Tim Horton's - get a large double double, a plain bagel with butter, and a raisin bran muffin. I'd eat the bagel on the rest of the drive and then pretend at work I was "only" having the coffee and the muffin for breakfast. Mind you I'd also put an order in once someone went on a Timmy's run later in the morning. SIGH!

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I'm OK with buffets, I can pick and choose really healthily.

Do you get tinned Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies? Supposed to be 4 servings (although even now, I'd say they'd be kind of small). I could eat a whole one no problem, with roast potatoes; or chips (home fries). And I'd Slightly underdo it, so that the underneath bit of the pastry, where it hit the meat, was soggy and delicious.

I had to vary the small corner shops I went to for giant bars of chocolate, so that no-one knew just how often I was eating one.

I could eat a whole commercially made cake at a sitting. Or two.

5 giant choc-chip cookies for the price of 4. Barely touched the sides going down.

Ordered Chinese take-out with special fried rice, which is really a main, as a side. And hot and sour soup. And a large bar of chocolate to finish.

heck, some days I wish I still could.....
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I think my worst times were when I'd eat an entire medium pepperoni lovers pizza on pan crust from Pizza Hut by myself...or go to Sonic and have a cheeseburger, large fries, medium Dr Pepper and order of mozzarella cheese sticks with two sides of ranch for lunch, THEN eat dinner. Dinner a lot of times consisted of about half of a 13X9 pan of lasagna, or homemade spaghetti by the bowl full (made with not-lean beef). Desserts...Dairy Queen blizzards, fried pies. All the chocolate I consumed at work daily. I'm surprised I was only 220-230 pounds the way I ate.
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I use to:

- Eat a whole box of mac & cheese
- Eat a whole bag of Doritos
- Eat lots of ice cream/Little Debbies.
- Eat half of a whole pizza.
- Snack throughout the night.
- Eat dinner and then turn around
and have cereal because I wasn't full!

Oh, I could go on. Truly disgusting
how I use to over-indulge.
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Originally Posted by Ciao View Post
I use to:

- Eat a whole box of mac & cheese
I never ate the whole box. I just ate half the box twice. In other words, I tricked myself into thinking I didn't eat the whole box because only served myself half...but then went back for the rest.

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Originally Posted by lottie63 View Post

"When I first started back On Plan, walking down Forbes ave was torture....the chinese smells, the smell of wings or of homefries. (various restaurants in the area) and now I walk through there and all I can smell is grease and it grosses me out."
Yeah for me the first few weeks were pretty rough, i found myself craving things I did not even like. Like Corn Dogs. WTH I do not generally even like those things. But now, yeah the grease in places just makes me sick. We have not really eaten out in about three months, because whenever we consider it, I think about how stuff is cooked. EW.

I used to eat a whole bag of the Reeses Mini Peanut Butter cups. **** I still could, which is why they are NOT allowed any where NEAR the house!

But Donuts on Sundays. "Heart attack" breakfast on Saturdays Pizza at LEAST once a week.

The worst thing I used to do was spend $250 at the grocery store A WEEK! Now its easily half that.
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Hubby and I would get one of those HUGE chocolate bars.. you know the ones that are meant to last you a good long while... I think they were like 6-8 servings. We would eat the whole thing.. shared but I would always eat 2-3 pieces to every 1 I gave him since he isn't as big of a chocolate eater as me.

We also would go out to a restraunt for date night, get a sampler appitizer that should feed 4 or more people eat the whole thing plus our way high in calorie and super huge in amount dinners and have a horrible way over sized dessert on top of it!
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I used to get a couple BAGS of candy (like, the lb size) every time I went to the store. Or several king size bars. It would all be gone within a matter of 2-3 days.

I walked down the Christmas candy aisle at Target last week looking for those plastic canes of M&M's and Skittles for my kids' stockings. I could *smell* the candy cane Hershey kisses (HUGE weakness for me... I'd pound a large bag in a day) and I was totally turned off.
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A half gallon of RockyRoad ,at a sitting
a whole bag of potato chips, at a sitting
a whole loaf of french bread with a cube of butter, at a sitting
A whole, half-way thawed Pepperidge Farm cake, at a sitting
I'd just consume until gone....or I felt queasy
I haven't eaten these things for at least a year, but just the other day I ate a whole can of cashews
So I'm clearly not out of the woods
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I really went crazy over the delicious 14 oz porter houses XH used to grill. That along with a BIG baked potato with ALL the fixins' and followed by a cheesecake for dessert.

Can you hear the arteries clogging??

Um.....and where were the vegetables? Occasionally there was corn!!

My stomach hurts just thinking about it.
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I had favorite order numbers at all the fast food places--#3 at McDonald's, #1 at Burger King, #4 at Wendy's. Of course the burger, fries, and super-sweet tea by itself was insufficient, so it was usually rounded out with a snack wrap or some chicken nuggets and (of course) one of their fried-pie type desserts.

My husband doesn't like almond cake, so I'd just buy the half-cake at the local supermarket. It was gone in two days.

Cheez-its and Cheetos were never safe around me. Whether I knocked off a whole box/bag in a sitting depends on how you define "sitting"; as I did little in my life but sit, I guess the fact that they were gone in a day meant one sitting. Tubes of Pringles, however, could get knocked off in an hour or two, easy.

Ordering in was a BIG part of our lazier lives. There's a local business called Takeout Taxi that delivers from multiple restaurants. You can order in Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Cajun/Creole, American name it, they had a restaurant on the list that served it.

When I think back on that stuff, yeah, some of the tastes were enjoyable,'s weird, I'm really not lusting for any of it the way I once did. In previous solo attempts to lose weight, I was so drastic about it that by this time I'd have knocked people down to get at that kind of food, but this time--nah, not missing it.

Well, not missing it much--sometimes a few Cheez-its or a slice of almond cake does sound pretty good.
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I think one of the worst things I used to do was buy a box of those yummy entenmann's doughnuts. I'd hide them because I didn't want my husband to know I was eating them, plus I didn't want to share. I'd usually end up eating most if not all of them in one day.
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