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Default Shopping wager -- need some advice!!!

Hi all,
I have kind of an odd question.* Ok, so some background:* My best friend Jeneen and I decided back in February to start Weight Watchers (again) and put a little*"shopping wager" against each other --- every time one of us didn't stick to our points, we put $10 in the other person's "pot."* Well, it's really been working for us!!* I've lost 42 pounds, and Jeneen has lost a lot too.* Last weekend we decided to finally go on our little shopping spree with the money we owed each other from the*wager, and we got to talking about how we could turn this idea into a website where people could motivate themselves through these kinds of fun little wagers and competitions.* So my questions are:
*Is shopping or the idea of winning clothes or other prizes something that would motivate you?* I know it definitely helped keep Jeneen and me on track, but is it something you would be interested in?**If so, what kind of contests would motivate you the most?* Like a mini-*"Biggest Loser"*competition where the winner takes all (in the form of big gift certificates or a vacation)?* Or smaller shopping wagers between just a few people?* What do you think?* (Obviously, we'd have to do actual weigh-ins to keep people honest but we're hoping we could partner with some gyms or clinics*to do this for us since we'd be bringing in prospective customers for them.)
Thanks!* I know this is kind of an odd post, but we'd love any kind of feedback you could give us!!!
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Isn't that kind of what we already do here at 3FC? Take a look at the Chicks up for a Challenge forum - full! Look at the BL Challenge forum - full! And there are countless other little challenges going on elsewhere, too. We're all accountable to one another and to the groups we participate in. A lot of us can't afford to put a financial stake in our weight loss and, for many, the verbal challenge and knowing the 3FC group is here is enough.
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