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Default Who inspires you

I'm not sure if a thread like this has been started before, but I couldn't see one anywhere, so apologies if it has been started, but I wondered who people out there found inspirational....

I find Scarlett Johansson compleyely gorgeous, with a beautiful figure and an amazing talent for acting. I also admire Natalie Portman
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Do you mean who inspires you to lose weight...or just in general?

If you mean weight, (or in my case maintain my weight loss) it's the 2-3 ex-friends of mine who I found where taking bets on how long I would keep my weight off. I'll be damned if ANY of them will win that bet!

If you mean in general, it would be my 18 year old autistic son. He finds the good in all people and all things. He is such a great guy. I wish I had so much faith in people.

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My son, who in his first year of high school achieved all A's while taking honors and dual enrollment classes. Despite having debilitating migraines, he persevered, and earned a spot on the Varsity Football and Soccer Teams as a freshman. His football coaches thing with his combo of academics and athleticism, he may well earn a full ride to college. He is my miracle and my constant inspiration. I am honored to be his mom and I am determined to be a better, healthier me for him and for myself!

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Aww, you moms seriously bring the water-works on! haha That's so sweet...and I'm sure your boys are very lucky to have you as their mothers, as well.

The first person that comes to my mind is Jessica Biel. She's my height, and I read an article in Star magazine about her that said she was 150 lbs...I think her body is fantastic, and her frame is very similar to mine...although, she has a great ***, but hopefully mine will be great once I'm down that size. =]

Ever since watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I wanted to get myself down to THAT size so I can look just as great in jeans and a wife beater.

Update: I think I'm in heaven. Thanks to Gertie's listed Inspiration on her blog, I came across this!

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Who inspires my weight loss? My mother.

She's lost over one hundred pounds, (40 pounds with a nutritionist/60 with WW) and has gone to WW meetings every week for well over five years. She used to take blood pressure medication, and was pre-diabetic. Now the woman is 67 years old and within a normal weight range. She didn't lose it quickly, and it took years for her to get to this point. When we catch up we talk about weight loss, and hearing about her daily challenges is such a vital reminder to me of the way it'll be for me when I'm down near goal or maintaining. She's also a very loving and supportive woman. (I love you, Mom!)

I'd be quite remiss, however, to ignore the fact that every person at 3FC has built this dynamic group inspiration. From the person just figuring out a plan, to the members who've been maintaining for a decade. Every little victory, and yes, even the stumbles. Everyone is here. They're sharing their entire journey. For better or for worse. It keeps me down to earth, positive, and thoughtful.

Who inspires my everyday? Everyone. People from around the world doing good works. Positive actions from all people. People who stand up against injustices knowing it may cost them so much, but not as much as it would cost them if they didn't do anything.
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Weight loss: My mother. After losing ~25 lbs, she maintains 5'6 and 130 lbs in her 60s and has been totally consistent, like a rock. She also does everything to be done around the house, takes good care of my ailing/obese dad, and rarely if ever complains.

Life in general: Anyone who is better at anything than I am. This means most people have the potential to be inspirational.
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For weight loss, it was a friend who had lap band surgery. One year later she had lost 85 lbs and I got really angry with myself that if I had started working on my weight at the time she'd had her surgery, I likely would have lost similar amount without surgery. Turns out I was right. In one year I lost 80 lbs.
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For weight loss (and maintenance!) the long-term posters and maintainers on this board really inspire me. Some of the people who regularly posted when I started here no longer post, but I still think of them and their wise answers to questions, and there are people here whose "in this for the long-haul" attitude really helps keep things in perspective for me.

For life in general, I'm inspired by some people I know who are comfortable in their own skin. These are people who are confident in who they are and love themselves, and don't worry about what others think of them. I love that attitude, and while I'm not always like that I want to be.

I'm also VERY inspired by my students. I teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to adults, and my students are some of the hardest-working, persevering, and fun people I know. I have students that aren't so great, of course, but by and large my students show me daily what courage looks like.
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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
Do you mean who inspires you to lose weight...or just in general?

If you mean weight, (or in my case maintain my weight loss) it's the 2-3 ex-friends of mine who I found where taking bets on how long I would keep my weight off. I'll be damned if ANY of them will win that bet!

If you mean in general, it would be my 18 year old autistic son. He finds the good in all people and all things. He is such a great guy. I wish I had so much faith in people.
WTF???? Id be telling them you want the money since you are clearly doing better than they ever gave you creidt for.
How crass, I'm sorry you had that happen. Im offended for you.

But . . . my son. Cliche as it might be, He just looks at me with love, no judgement, no expecations, no thoughts of 'you'd be so this or that if you'd just loose some weight'. Purest kind of love there is, makes you want to be a better 'you' for some reason knowing that some one thinks your pretty great just the way you are .
I sound like a hallmark card or something
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For fitness, I admire and am inspired by Keli Roberts (fitness instructor) and Beto Perez (creater of Zumba).

Both Keli and Beto are excellent workout instructors. I have dvds by them both and they are my favorites. They make me want to keep pushing through with their encouraging words and they are inspiring by taking such care of their own bodies. I want a body like Keli's when I get to be her age. I bet these two will be fit for life.

For life-in-general inspiration, I admire my parents and older sister. All of them have excellent work ethic, take care of what's important/required in life and still make some time for enjoyment/relaxation. Its hard to find a proper balance and I think they do good at that. Its something I'm always trying to get better at

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^^^ Wow, that's good to know. I've just bought the Kickbox Bootcamp DVD. Looking forward to using it.
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I have a few.

Sarah Brightman: She has an amazing singing voice and works really hard.

Christopher Pike: He is an amazing writer, who also works hard.

Because I love Singing and Writing, these two people who are consistent and talented with the things that I want to do, so I find that VERY inspirational.
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