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Keto lady
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If she asked you to critique her diet and help her, I would point this out to her. However, let her figure it out on her own. She will not die drinking slimfast shakes. They are not heroin. If she doesn't lose on them, she will find it out pretty soon!
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Embracing the suck
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Are you trying to help your friend or just trying to win the argument?

There is nothing "bad" about Slimfast just as there is nothing "bad" about a protein shake just as there is nothing "bad" about a cheeseburger. The only "bad" things are those which are toxic. Having said that using Slimfast as a means to lose weight is a pretty poor choice ... one might even call it a "bad" choice.

Originally Posted by niafabo View Post
The real problem with Slimfast as I see it is 1. it does not teach you the skills/habits you need to keep the weight from coming back and 2. it's unsustainable in the long run. If the changes you make aren't something you can live with for the rest of your life then you will just put the weight back on so all the work is pointless.
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I love the slimfast shakes. I do not follow the 3-2-1 plan but use it as a morning meal replacement. I don't really like to eat in the morning and that is a quick fix. I drink it on the way to work and it fills me up enough until my mid morning break. It's high in protein and vitamins. I think if that method is working for her than be happy for her.
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I actually really like slimfast. I think the shakes taste really good. I'll have one as a breakfast or lunch on the go if I'm absolutely starving and need to get something in me fast. I do prefer to save my calories for stuff I can actually chew, but a meal in a can is good for the days I don't have time to eat, or don't really have an appetite.
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Senior Member
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Agreed with everyone else that a) not best to give unsolicited diet advice. If people want it, they'll ask. It's not my place to foist upon them my diet regimen just as it isn't my place to push my political beliefs, etc and b) Slim Fast is not inherently bad, due to points already outlined above.

Another point: it's useful to do well-rounded research before coming to a decision on health and diet. I googled "Is Slim Fast bad" and it was the first article to pop up. I then googled "slim fast health benefits" and a bunch of different sites came up lauding Slim Fast's nutritional benefits. There are lots of sides the story so just looking at the first one or two articles on any subject may not yield the most well-rounded information.

I then clicked on the author of the article and it led me to some wonky "Fat Loss" page with seven or so products that the author said were "the only ways to lose fat." I couldn't find any further information on the author and the only other articles associated with her are ones titled similarly "Why Weight Watchers is Bad For You!" and "Why Jenny Craig Doesn't Work and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Truly Works!". They were all "published" on the same day. I would hardly take nutrition advice from an article not associated with a reputable, or credentialed nutritionist/diet expert, and certainly not one whose website is a gaudy page of advertising. Not that all the points in the article aren't always valid- Slim Fast does have a lot of sugar, for example- but just a reminder to check sources before we follow advice on the internet that anyone (or any company) can post.
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Staying the Same
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She'll figure it out for herself, meanwhile instead of being all "I told you so" I hope you are ready to support her with kindness and helpful tips.
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I would advise against the Optima Slim Fast and go for the high protien stuff as it kept me fuller longer. The Optima stuff has Malitol in it and even the smallest amount gives me the runs...tmi, I know, but it wasn't a pleasent surprise after eating 2 bars, and 2 snacks. lol
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Trying again!
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I know that the weight I've lost so far was down to making mistakes and finding out what worked for me. I'd let her use the slim fast and if it doesn't work for her she can find what does. Finding out yourself what works is much more effective than other people telling me what should work.
I like my food too much to replace it with smoothies
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Amazing Revelations
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i actually love the taste of slimfast shakes, and when i used slimfast i lost quite a bit of weight, i don't know exactly how much but enough that people were making comments about my loss. but, as with every other 'diet' i've tried, i gained it all back. i think your friend needs to figure it out for herself, plenty of people told me not to do the apple diet but i did! and learned the hard way because i was so hungry and grumpy lol
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I really like slimfast and I have lost 24 pounds with it. I buy the powder and mix it with fat free milk. I like the Chocolate Royale for breakfast, then at lunch I use the French vanilla and also add a cup of strawberries in the blender. So Yummy!! Then for my dinner I have a balanced meal without having to make something different for me than I do for my hubby. This works for me. I also have a couple snacks during the day either more fruit and/or nuts.
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Why can't you?
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I hadn't tasted Slim Fast since my mom had used it in the late 80s, so I decided to see what had changed in the past 20 years.

I bought the high protein vanilla powder. I have to say that with added fruit and flax seed, it's not bad. It definitely tastes better than the protein powder I have in the cabinet. Then again, it does have more carbs, so if you're watching them, it's probably not the best option for you.
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Hug a Tree!
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I will be honest here and say I think Slim Fast is "bad". It has ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and artificial flavors and a million other things. I do think some foods can be "bad" and slim fast is one of them. If it was used once a week it wouldn't be such a problem but that isn't how it works.

That being said, it's not your place to tell your friend what to put into her body. You can be a good example but the rest is her business.

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On a Mission
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Originally Posted by shimmmer178 View Post
I love the slimfast shakes. I do not follow the 3-2-1 plan but use it as a morning meal replacement. I don't really like to eat in the morning and that is a quick fix. I drink it on the way to work and it fills me up enough until my mid morning break. It's high in protein and vitamins. I think if that method is working for her than be happy for her.
Me too. I really just like them. Protein shakes are a little hard for me to handle without a gallbladder but I have definitely used them as a tool to get weight off in the past. I didn't rebound gain or anything either. I think just like everything else, they can be a good tool for the right person.

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