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Default Does this sound ike a migraine? Has anyone else experienced this?

So, I've been polling everyone in my life the past few days to get their opinions on something that happened to me recently...and I figured I'd ask here, too!

Friday night: Totally normal night. I had eaten normally that day, wasn't feeling sick or anxious or different at all and then BAM. I walked through the front doors of Target (with my 6 year old son in tow) and I couldn't feel my legs. At the same time I lost feeling in my legs, my head began throbbing and screaming in pain. I've NEVER had a headache in my life and it was very near to the worst pain I've ever experienced. My vision became blurry and I felt completely uncoordinated and disoriented. Embarassingly enough, I also peed on myself and couldn't feel it.

I ended up calling my mom to come pick me up and she took me to the E.R. On the way there and while waiting for her to get me, I began to experience difficulty speaking. I was saying things backwards if I could even form the words at all. My hands were tingly. The headache raged on. At the E.R., they did a cat scan, an EKG and drew blood...all came back fine and the doctor said I had experienced an "atypical migraine".

Since then, I have been googling a lot and talking to people. I have heard of some pretty severe symptoms, but the ones that worry me the most, I can't find any reference to (those being the numb legs, the slurred speech). I'm really considering getting a 2nd opinion and am just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this....
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I get migraines a lot, and nothing like that has ever happened to me. I'm not a doctor, so I can't say if you experienced a migraine or not, but I do think you should get a second opinion right away.

I hope you get this sorted out as soon as you can.
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Difficulty speaking, slurred speech, speaking backwards, urinating on oneself unconsciously, tingling in the hands, numbness in legs/inability to feel ones' legs are NOT commonly associated with migraine at all.

That sounds very frightening and I'm sorry that happened to you, but am glad your mother was there to help take you to the ER.

I'd follow up with your general practitioner and see if they feel further testing and perhaps a neurological referral is indicated.
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Sorry to hear that this happened, but DEFINITELY get a 2nd opinion quickly...

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Sounds more like a stroke to me.
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I agree. Had tons of migraines myself and no experiences like that! I agree with Annie that it sounds more like a minor stroke or an aneurysm. Please get a second opinion -this isn't anything to mess around with!
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I have migraines. And NONE of that happens to me. I get the pounding headache, the light and sound sensitivity and pain around the eyes and temple.

I think it sounds like a stroke.

Let us know! I am thinking of you....
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I agree with others here! - I've had migraines, and what you're describing sounds like a stroke. My great grandmother & my grandmother both died of strokes - and my mother has had a light one... this is nothing to mess around with! - I'd definitely get a 2nd opinion! And a 3rd if necessary!

~here's wishing you good health!

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I have had migraines since I was 18 and have not experienced the symptoms you describe. I would want to know what the doctor means by "atypical"
Migraines typically have light sensitivity and sometimes nausea. My first clue that I am about to have one is sensitivity to light, that is simplifying it a bit , but most migraine sufferers experience that. I would check with the doctor. Tell him you have talked to several migraine sufferers and they don't have the same experience that you describe.

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Awhile back you posted a thread about forcing yourself to vomit up your food on occasion. Are you still purging and did you tell your ER doctor of your past history of purging? This is very significant in your symptoms and should be addressed honesty with your physician. Search "Bulimia and stroke" to find out more. Purging can also contribute to ruptured disc in your back and neck, causing severe head pain and dizzy spells.
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Originally Posted by annie175 View Post
Sounds more like a stroke to me.
Me too. Get a second opinion for sure.
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I suffer from migraines, have seen a neurologist, etc, and that was NOT a migraine. That sounds much worse. I've never heard of anyone losing feeling or peeing themselves. Plus, migraines usually start out dull and get worse, they don't just come on out of the blue like that.
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I have migraines, get dizzy, nauseous, throw up, lose vision,get tingly, but never some of your other symptoms. I hope that you will get a 2nd opinion. Please look at the link above, it really does sound more like a stroke, as others mentioned, There are drugs that can prevent disability or death!!

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I agree with everyone else. My migraines come on gradually, with auras-little floating things in my eyes sometimes, light and noise sensitivity. Nausea, vomiting and I even get diarrjea which is absolutely no fun because it usually happens at the same time I want to upchuck. Kind of feels like part of my head wants to explode.

Speach problems, and not feeling your legs definately not part of migraines. Check with your primary care doctor immediately and push for answers.

Atypical tends to mean-"hey it's not what I think it should be" in medical speak.

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