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Talking quilt brag-science themed

I have a co-worker who is a health physicist and having a baby soon. I've been working on a science themed baby quilt. We work with a bunch of physicists and chemists. I asked around to get people's ideas about what were some major science ideas that a kid should learn and this is what we all came up with:

I'm quite proud of it. I actually quilted it all by myself. It's the first time
I've done free motion. And only the 2nd time I've actually quilted anything myself. I ususally just make the tops and give them to someone else to quilt because I make donation quilts for kids. I also played with some of my sewing machine stitches to see what would be best. So the quilting is...shall we say unique? Ok, so it may be just darn weird but it's fun and it goes along with the feel of the quilt.

I still need to thread of those little loose threads back through and trim them.

I sewed all those extra little squares and fabric scraps leftover for the outer border and binding. I have a really bad habit of not actually figuring what I need when I'm doing something pattern free. I just cut out a whole bunch and figure I'll use the rest for something.

If anyone wants to do something similar I'll share the links where I found a
lot of this stuff. We always can use more scientists in the world in 20 years
or so.

Sarah in MD

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Nice! Looks great. I always wished I had learned how to sew. My boyfriend's mother sews, maybe I could get her to teach me.... hmmmm.
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!! The X-Ray one is so cute! I think it's great. The whole thing looks so FUN.
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I love it! I am a biology major and when I have kids I for sure want them to have a science themed quilt. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt. I crochet and usually crochet baby blanket.
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This is awesome!!
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That's sort of amazing!

I treasure my geeky homemade items...specifically, a DNA cable scarf and socks (hand-knit with a DNA double helix instead of a standard cable).
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that just rocks! now i want to make some awesome geekery items...

would love to see a pic of your scarf mandalinn!!
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What a cool quilt and special gift! I quilt too and I really enjoy seeing what other people have done, especially new/original designs, although I like traditional patterns too.
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