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Default He got a ring!!!

Ahhhhh! I'm SO not supposed to know, so I can't tell any of my friends that I know. But I just had to tell somebody!

My wonderful boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for almost a year now. Not like planning anything, but it's just kind of assumed. He'll say things like "When we're married, you can use my GI Bill to get a masters" or we'll talk about all the places we want to be stationed (he's an Army officer). It's just been kind of understood. Furthermore, he's been asking not so subtle questions. "What's your ring size?" "What's the difference between emerald and princess cut and which one is better?" "Do you wear white gold or yellow gold more?" Stuff like that, lol.

Well he's in Iraq at the moment. He's on a mission that will last a few days, and he asked me to feed his fish on Facebook, haha. On Fishville, or whatever it is. (Yes, big tough soldiers play Facebook games also). So I logged onto his Facebook to feed his fish, and a little FB Chat thing pops up, and it's his mom. She said "Hey kiddo," and I was about to respond and say it was me, and she said "We just got the ring in the mail, it's gorgeous! Are you going to ask her father for permission when you're home on leave? I'm so happy for you!" I had no idea what to do, my heart was beating a million miles an hour. So I just closed her chat thing and logged off his account. His internet isn't very good, so it's not at all suspicious if it cuts out.

I feel bad about knowing, but at the same time, I was 95% sure that it was going to happen, so I don't think I'd really be surprised if I'd had to wait to find out. And I know I'll still break down when he asks, lol. Either way, I'm so enormously happy, I don't know how I'll be able to hold it in until July when he gets home on leave!!! I can't tell ANYbody!

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that's so exciting!!!! Tell us how he proposes!
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Congratulations. How exciting.


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That's so exciting -- You are right though -- don't let ANYONE know that you know -- he might be sad to know that you knew before hand. But I know how you feel -- it's such a great amazing feeling!! Happiness!!!

(I knew the first time I was engaged -- it was right before his birthday and everyone knew except for me, and he got a birthday card in the mail from his grandparents. I was standing with him when he opened the card, and in the card, they had wrote: Congrats on your engagement! He was super sad that I knew, but it was just something that happened. Ooops!)
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Congratulations! that's a good engagement story. too bad you can't tell anyone cause the way you found out is super entertaining
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I was born this way hey!
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Omg!!! That is so exciting!! I'm so happy for you. You'll have to let us know when & how he proposes!!!! WOW!!!

My hubby was a big goof and let me know when he was buying my engagment ring, lol. But he just didnt let me know when he was deciding to propose.
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Wow! What a fantastic secret! Congratulations!
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Well yay!!! Don't say a word!!! And still, it might still be a don't know for SURE when it's going to happen...
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Awww congratulations!! How exciting!! Let us know how it goes!
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Congrats! I love that you found out on facebook. LOL. It just seems so...I don't know, now.

And, even though you know he's going to propose, you don't know what the ring looks like. So that will be a surprise! I hope it's big and sparkly!
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Congratulations sweetie. May God bless your marriage abundantly.
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aka christina :)
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oh wow! congrats
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Awww, definitely want to hear the story after it happens! How exciting! My hubby and I were like you two, we'd talked about it so it was obviously going to happen, but I didn't know when. Unlike you I didn't know when he had gotten the ring... but I guarantee you that it'll still be a surprise and you will still break down. hehe. I am not a crier and never thought I'd cry... But I did! It was such a touching moment. So enjoy your excitement!
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Awww that's wonderful!!!!!
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Ahhhhh! Remember keep the secret...but I know I am busting at the seems I can't imagine how you are doing! How Fun! How Exciting! YEAH!!
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