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Default Veterans' Day tomorrow-share stories, please!

With Veterans' Day tomorrow, first I'd like to say Thank You to all veterans who've sacrificed to keep our country free! And, to the families who have sacrificed so their family members could go serve our country.

It's only in the last few years that I've learned what some of my uncles (well, great-uncles, really) went through during WWII. One was captured during the Battle of the Bulge and spent the rest of the war in a German concentration camp. He escaped at the end of the war when Russia was coming in and taking over the camps, as there was no food and he and his buddy were afraid they'd starve to death before they were liberated. So, they escaped and walked across Germany and since he had a very German last name, they were helped by the German people who gave them meals and places to sleep until they made it to the Allies.

One of his brothers was a glider pilot spying over Germany for several missions, which, I've learned on History Channel was a very dangerous and stressful job during the war, as they basically crash the gliders in enemy territory after taking photos and then had to escape on foot to friendly territory. He transferred to the Pacific later and then was blown off his ship by a kamikazi plane, but was rescued many long hours later from the water.

Another great-uncle was very proud to have been a mechanic for the Flying Tigers in China.

I'm just so proud of them all and also of the ones who were at home working to supply the troops all over the world (like my grand-dad).

So, please, share your family's stories, so everyone can know what these brave men and women did for us!
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Nice thread idea

My dad was Navy for 4 years, and Army for 20. When anyone asks if I'd ever sign up, I always tell them I'm retired - I've already done my 20 year tour with my dad . I just turned 20 in May, and I've moved 17 times. Most of those were without him, as he was always overseas when I was little. Most of my memories come in the form of post cards and foreign dolls he sent, or being so excited when he would finally come home - I'd sit on the floor and unlace his combat boots immediately so that he wasn't able to leave so soon. I also remember the dread in that damn green duffle bag, and waking up and just knowing, before I checked my parents bed that my dad had left again for another long deployment. We used to have tapes recorded of my dad reading Dr. Seuss books so my mom could play them back to us when we were getting ready for bed when he was gone - but it turned out to be a failure because we would just cry ourselves to sleep when we heard his voice.

I'm not sure about cool war stories or important things he's ever done - but I do know he's made of butter and he melts every time I call home, and he's my favorite man in the world!

And ohhh man the tears are rolling after typing all of that! Can't wait for Christmas to get here already so I can fly home for a visit.
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