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Default The This Is Why You're Fat Thanksgiving Special

Bacon-weave apple pie anyone?
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I hope that is all turkey bacon!

I read the other day the average person eats 3,000 calories of Thanksgiving dinner...

I know I am ABOVE AVERAGE!! on that day!!

I kind of like the snack idea.
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disgustingly awesome.
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I wonder who thought that making bacon the weave on a pie was a good idea? Just sounds like a waste of a pie to me.....

And the 12 bird roast??? TERRIFYING!
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Aughhhhh, I ate bad - but never that badly! Meat baby made me LOL, Bacon Explosion (I HATE BACON) and McNuggetini made me want to revisit my lunch in the bathroom, and.... Cadbury Egg Nog actually... I'd try that. I adore Cadbury Creme Eggs, even though I haven't had one in years.

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LOL @ thanksgiving sushi - leave it to Americanization to turn a healthy food fatty. Although, out of everything, that seems to be the least fattiest.

The krisy creme thing is crazy..
My family doesn't get too creative on Thanksgiving, unfortunately. Plain turkey with gravy, rice, curried foods lol, and pre-made pumpkin pie - and we end up cutting up the turkey and using it in salads or sandwiches.
I kinda wanna try the more traditional thanksgiving meals.. with home-made sauces instead of the pre-made ones - but this year I'm going to make a low-fat cheesecake, so I'm excited.
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Who has time to do this kind of stuff?
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