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Question Just Curious ... Nail Polish

How many nail polishes do you have?

I was cleaning out my mani/pedi supplies and I took an inventory, and I thought it would be interesting to see what others have.

I have 18, but two of them are fortifiers. Of the remaining 16, I have five that are very similar in color (plum, cherry, violet), 2 pinks, 2 golds, 2 whites (identical - ugh, hate when I mistakenly buy duplicates), 2 silvers, a teal, a lavender, and an onyx.
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I don't have very many. On the rare occasion when I do polish my fingernails, I do it with either clear or this really light, sheer pink that's a little sparkly (I loves my sparkles!). I have more dramatic stuff for my toes--a couple of hot pinks, a pale pink, and most recently a metallic dark blue that, believe it or not, got me a ton of compliments this summer.

Polish on my (finger)nails really never seems to last long enough to be worth the bother. It seems like it start chipping and peeling within a day or so. I don't know if it's because I type a lot or use a lot of lotion on my hands or what.
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Probably atleast 15. I normally have polish on my nails. I can't stand the look of my hands without it on lol.
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i just bought a new green color today!

i have about 5 or so full bottles and about 10 of the tiny little bottles.
in all sorts of colors of the rainbow..blues purples pinks orange yellow green
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i'd guess about 7 or so- lots of the little fun colors for my toes and a few that are for business - and a top coat. mostly i paint just my toenails though - my feet are gross and i like something to distract from that! lol.
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Yes! I am the same way ... brighter colors are for pedicures, and hardly ever wear polish on my fingernails. A manicurist once told me that polish on fingernails doesn't stay as long because we wash our hands so frequently.

I do use fortifiers and keep my nails filed, even if I don't add color.
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Yup I love polishes too! Probably have around 20 or so as well, all colors! Usually don't keep my fingernails painted much though, toes, ALWAYS! I feel like I can get away with crazy colors and design on the toes..
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Seriously ...I have every single color by OPI and
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Weirrdd - I was just doing my nails!
When I moved out of my moms, I left all of our nail polish there (2 younger sisters & such). I think all I have in my house is 1 bright pink, 1 black, and 1 or 2 clear polishes. I NEED MOREEEE!!!!
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Im sure I have 20+. Lots of reds, pinks, some bright colors, and some darker colors for the toes.

I recently bought a french manicure set and LOVE it. My nails are most definitely stronger and grow so much better when Im eating right! =)
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lol--two--one clear and the other clear with a touch of pink--being a mom I am pretty low maintenance in nail care these days...I also have a bottle of cuticle oil
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i have like 50 ... i praticallly have a mix or blacks, pinks blues turquiose, red silver ...and any other you can think of i have a lot of glitter too. i love to sparkle i had more but i clean it out evryonce and a while and a lot went.. my friends are the same with having lots of nail polish so we share also when i go to the nail salon i use whatever they have.. i seems like i dont really seee any new color anymore they are the same colors with new names.. i wish someone could get new colors out.. right now my nails look like candy cane but this past month ive been sporting black tips..
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I am busy chucking everything that is NOT OPI. After having my nails done since about Feb this year, I am not using cheap nailpolishes anymore.

So I have 2 OPI polishes, in dark red (from the Spain collection) and a dark plum (that looks almost black - but I don't know from which collection), an OPI nail strengthener and OPI fast dry topcoat and spray. But I'm going to probably get a new one on Saturday 'cause my nail lady has a lot of nice stuff on sale at the moment
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Apparently I'm super boring. While my toes are always painted, I've used the same color for years - I'm not really a waitress by OPI. So, um, I have 3 bottles of polish - 2 polish, 1 top coat.
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I have 100+!! I have 3 bags full of nail polish. Most of them are dark purples, blacks, dark reds, pinks, and funky colors like..neon green, dark green, yellow, gold, neon orange, etc. I love nail polish!!!! It's one of my many obsessions.
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