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Question OMG Increased Libido! Anyone else too?

OK, I hope this is posted in the right place. It is kind of a personal question too I guess, but I have to let this out so I appologize LOL! I figure there are a lot of mature women out there who might feel the same way as I do so.................

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced an increase in this department since weight loss. I mean I used to do anything to AVOID sex with my husband when I was bigger, I loved him always, still do, don't get me wrong, but I did not feel at all attractive or "in the mood" in general. I would shun his advances and I didn't have a desire at all.
So now, I can't quite get my body and my mind together. I don't know if it is a hormone swing or what, but I CAN'T STOP THINKING about it. It is so odd for me and I'm trying to deal with it. Plus my husband is away on a business trip.
If you ever experienced this on your journey, how did you feel, was it difficult to get used to feelin' sexy, or am I just a prude?
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I'm there with you. In fact, for awhile, I would say that my main workout obstacle was my increased libido... ironically enough. After all, if I had a choice between spending that hour with DH or Jillian Michaels... the choice was pretty easy.

For me I think it's partly the physical increase of energy/stamina/flexibility that comes with weight loss and a healthier lifestyle but it's also partly the fact that I just feel more attractive/sexier... and that DH has always had a strong libido.

I'm still getting used to it -as is DH, I think, but I hope it becomes a more normal thing for me soon. I think it's just one of those new things we discover about ourselves as we go through this process... like finding out we can run or like lifting weights. We spend so much of our lives not feeling sexy (or at least I did) that now that we do, we need to get to know that side of who we are.
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I always had a pretty strong libido in my teens and earliest 20s despite being obese. But when I hit my highest weight (ages 22-23) it was gone. I had zero desire for a relationship. Sure love would be nice, but sex is part of love and not having to be naked in front of anyone was worth being alone. I figured my libido would come back when I lost weight but I was shocked with how fast it came back! I lost about 15 lbs (which doesn't seem like much when you're aiming for 135 total) and my libido was back in full force. I guess because it so closely tied to my emotions. I'd been depressed, losing weight made me happy. And the libido seems to accompany happiness.
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I havent noticed an increase but it definitely is better since I have lost 45 and he 30! Go for it girl and burn some extra calories!

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