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Default Thank You to our lovely Moderators!

Just a quick note to thank you for doing such a great job protecting us from all those who try to peddle thier "junk" here on 3FC. They try and you shut them down fast. Its great and I respect how hard it must be to keep such a high standard of safety here.

Everyone else who would like to post a praise for our Mods please do. They do so much for us and guessing 98% of which we probably dont see! So drop a line to show how much they are appreciated!

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I appreciate our mods as well. I have seen a piece of spam here only twice in the 5 or so months I've been here, reported it, and it's gone immediatley. This is one of the few spam-free, positive, supportive corners of the internet left and I appreciate it more than you will know.
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I was actually thinking about how this is a site for losing weight aand yet I never get e-mails like (LOSE 57 POUNDS OVERNIGHT!!!) or people who come on just to say hurtful things. I know that the mods really do work hard to make sure that this stays a positive website that people really consider a community, not just in computer terms, but in my mind, this is my support group. I am confident that I would've given up by now without all of you.

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Julia, Leah, and Windchime -- I'm on my early morning Spam Patrol and just came across your posts. Thank you all! You just made my day. And I know I can speak for all of the mods and say they appreciate your comments more than you know.

Off to hunt down some spam for breakfast ...
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Thumbs up Yay for Mods

I join the chorus of appreciation for the mods who maintain the safe feeling of 3FC.

I saw Meg in action about a couple of weeks go when I reported a spam post and she "had it fried for breakfast" before anyone else had posted on that thread.
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I must admit I'm quite impressed. I've spent a lot of time on forums on various websites and although, moderators do their job weeding out spam.... it is still plentiful. I must say whoever is moderating these forums must be doing a great job. I've yet to find any spam around this site. That is quite let me extend my appreciation for that is well. You get a virtual pat on the back from yours truly. Great job!

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I have never come across spam on this website, and the messages posted are always kept at a positive level.
I love this site, and that is in no small part due to the moderators!

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Yes, let me join in with a thanks to the mods as well. Thanks!
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They are always.....

but they'll never catch me............

gotta go..........zooooooooooooooooom

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So close to onederland...
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Yes moderators Thanks! You do great work.
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Moderators ROCK!!
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WE LOVE YOU MODS! This is such an awesome place to visit, and much of that is due to your diligence in maintaining such high standards here.
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