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*head spins* I have a ton to catch up! I will start from the top lol I think I am interested in French, Italian, and Spanish foriegn films right now cause I think their launguages are just beautiful to hear
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I like foreign films even though I have only seen a few. Pan's Labyrinth was the last I saw and I really enjoyed it.
My favorite I have seen, quite a few times is the Red Violin.
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My favourite film (of all-time) is La grande seduction, which is a French-language film made in Quebec. It isn't "foreign" to me since it is Canadian, but I would suggest everyone check it out! I'm pretty sure you can get English subtitles. If tu ne parle pas francais tres bien it isn't too difficult to understand (it is about simple life in a simple town, no fancy dialouge). CHECK IT OUT!
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I'm chiming in for Almodovar too. Muriel's Wedding came to my mind too, glad to see that here. Love Mad Max, The Third Man, The 39 Steps.

Cousin, Cousine (was an American adaptation of this starring Ted Danson), and the French version of Three Men and a Baby (Trois Hommes et un Couffin); the Bicycle Thief (Italian)

The Reader is an amazing movie. So is End of the Affair. (I believe they're both British productions) (I like Ralph Fiennes)
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I LOVE foreign films! I watch far too many Asian films as I have a big weak spot for Asian horror. My favorite currently is "Recycle." I also adore Guillermo del Toro's films.

Other favorites include:
Le Pacte Des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)
Dark Portal
Night Watch

And of course, I adore British comedies!
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The Counterfeiters is fantastic. It's about a German Jewish man who is a master counterfeiter and eventually gets taken by the SS and then while in a concentration camp, is forced to start a counterfeit operation to help keep the ****s afloat. It has an incredible ending and it won best foreign picture oscar.
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