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Default This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For.....

This THANKSGIVING DAY I am thankful for...

My Savior

My Family

My Friends

My Church

My Job

My Dogs

My 3FC Family

My Home

Lower Gas Prices

My Scalloped Potatoes

My Christmas Lights are ready to go

We are getting rain

My laundry is done

My wife is having fun at her book club

I am watching BL

My bills are paid

I can sleep in until 3:30am

some things are easier to be thankful for............

What about you?

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Moderating Mama
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My wonderful, supportive family.

My amazing wife.

A home of my very own, and the job that pays for it.

Good books.

The opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

My health.

My space heater!
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I have so much to be thankful for.... (in no particular order )

My husband and children

My saviour

My church family

My friends

My parents and grandparents

My job

Living in a country where we are free to elect our leaders and have so many other freedoms

My health
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I am thankful for....

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
My husband
my furbaby cruzor
my family
my friends
my job
my home
my freedom

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My husband
My parents
My friends
The government paying me to go to school and do what I love
The opportunity to work with brilliant scientists
My health
Coffee (sorry, I just woke up!)
Free heat
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No description available.
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So thankful for

my amazing family. I am so blessed.....
to have a job that I love so much....all my ladies and all the babies this year...
to know my kids are clothed and fed and educated.....
to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave....thankful for hope in the future
thankful for life and health....both amazing gifts
for 3FC
thankful I am married to the love of my life, my best friend, a kind smart man who loves me too.....
for green chile.....and red chile....thankful that chile is healthy....
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Loving life!!
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I am so thankful for:

my wonderful and supportive husband
my kids
the rest of my family...even the PIA ones! lol
my friends
being healthy
having the time to do things I enjoy
my business and loyal clients
3FC...without y'all I don't know if I could maintain this resolve
my fur babies
the wildlife rescue
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I was born this way hey!
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I'm thankful for:

Having my wonderful hubby home
My friends
My kitties
Living in this beautiful state
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Burn Baby Burn!
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I'm thankful for...
My husband
My daughters (2coolchicks)
and the rest of the family
My Friends
My Home
My Job
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My husband



Our health

3FC and those that make this place rock! Thanks, ya'll. And Happy Gobble Day to You/Yours!
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a.k.a. Bikini Bottom
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Height: 5'10 - tall girls rule!



my health

my girls Bri and Bailey

my mom, grandma and brothers

my boyfriend and his boys

my friends

my doggy and my four cats

3FC, SparkPeople, Jillian Michaels and resistance bands

the mall and makeup

and the holidays.

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Thankful for my wife who burned 3 CD's of "best of" Christmas music for me today from our collection of Trans-Siberian ~ Mannheim and Jim Brikman
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Most of all I'm thankful that my son, Shane, who is currently deployed to Iraq is doing OK, although I miss him terribly.

I'm thankful for all the fine men and women serving in our military.

I'm thankful for my husband and my kids.

I'm thankful for our wonderful pets.

I'm thankful we have food on our table, the bills are all paid and we have a home to live in.

I'm thankful for my grandkids and the joy they bring to my life.

I'm thankful for my health.

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The Dyslexic Typo Queen
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Default I'm thankful for

My Family Back home

My Man, and the fact that he treats me like a Diva (mostly)

My two healthy boys!

My Dog Ozzy

my kitty cats

my Turtle

My Friends

My friends I've made @ 3FC

My Home

The Twilight books and movie!

Lower Gas Prices

My Scalloped Potatoes

Jesse's Mashed taters

We got some rain

my friends enjoy reading the same books as me.

My friends watch the same TV Shows & Movies!

My neighbor Rosetta. I love her!

My GYM & my GYM friends


My bills are paid

and last but not least, THE TURKEY!!!!

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In no particular order:

I'm alive

My heaven sent girls

DH gets to be with us for the holidays

my dad is coming for christmas for the first time in over 30 years!

my parents

I have amazing friends

my new job

starbucks cinnamon dolce lattes!

Twilight << yes I'm a big dork! THANKFULLY!!!

the future looks bright!
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