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Default 3FCing on the Weekend

Have you noticed that posting slows on weekends? Why is that?

For me ... there's often more family around on the weekend and I'm not free to sit here and browse. How about you?
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I usually get on while I'm at work, so on the weekends I never have time. I'm either cleaning, playing with my son, or just relaxing.
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I make a point of getting on Saturday but Sunday is often iffy. Not usually much going on unless the hubby isn't working but I try to take a day of rest from the ole computer on Sunday.
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I'm on the computer so much at work that I like to have some "down time" on the weekends!
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Weekends are our days to do things together as a family. It is only when DS is sleeping and DH and I decide to do our own things that I jump on.
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I'm so busy at home during the weekend. Cleaning, playing with the kids , cooking etc . During the week i'm online a lot doing school work, so i jump on here for quick bursts when i'm studying. On the weekends its just limited to nap times
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Method to the Madness
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I'm the opposite. I spend nearly my entire weekend on here because I don't have any friends, so I usually stay inside for the most part, except for if I run some errands or go browse at the mall. But with no one else posting, there's not a whole lot for me to reply to... haha.
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I try to still log on at least once a day on the weekends. I too use the site at work mostly but I also try to fit into my weekends. Sometimes I'm on it all weekend, if I'm having a rough couple of days & need the 3FC support system. :-)
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I'm not usually on at night or on the weekends, just while I'm at work.

I hang out with the bf... so we're usually talking or watching tv or doing something together.
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I sit on the computer all day at work during the week--so I pop in here several times per day.

On weekends, I get on to check email and to see how my investments are faring. Other than that, I don't use the computer much. I have much better things to do with my weekend time!
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Weekends are busy with kids and family. And, like many others, I work on a computer all week. I don't get on much on the weekend.
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