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Default Children

Do you have favorites among your children?
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No. I have children who I sometimes like a little more than the other(s) at any given time and 2 of my 3 children are extremely easy (so far) and one that will argue with me till the cows come home. But all 3 (boys, 8, almost 7 and 5) can annoy me and make my heart overflow.

If anyone guessed the middle child is the issue, ding, ding, ding, you win the prize. What is it with those middles? LOL
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That is always a tough question to answer

I don't have a "favorite" - I love both of my children equally.

I can deffinaly "favor" one's attitude compared to the other a times LOL.

When my son is having a "bad" day, my daughter has her "good" and vice versa LOL.

But I particularly love the days when they're both agreeable and we can all get along peacefully.
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What kind of a question IS this?

I would hope, sincerely, that no one answers that they indeed DO have a favorite child.

I can say from experience that I and my husband both know how hurtful it can be, when a relative (parent, grandparent, etc.) plays favorites...especially when it is obvious.
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I hate to say this, but it's true. My parents CLEARLY had/still have favourites. You don't even need to live in our house to recognize that. My Dad favours me, and my Mom favours my little sister. Thats the way it's always been. I don't know why, but it's clear.
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Well, my husband and I were both the kids who were clearly NOT the favored ones...and we ended up working our behinds off for minimal praise or attention, while the favored siblings are full grown adults who are still getting everything handed to them. I would never do that to my kids...
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I don't have favorites although as others have mentioned, there are times when one is easier to deal with than the other. I have two toddlers, one who is in her terrible two's and the other who is a new walker. It's hard if I have to take them both out to run an errand, so I usually leave one at home with my husband. Usually it's the girl who comes with me because she's better at listening to instructions and easier to deal with in public (between tantrums, of course). So it might appear that I favor her because I take her out with me more, but it's more a matter of convenience.
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here's my 2 cents on this...
I have 2 girls .. ages 10 & 4.
I love them both the same and they both mean the world to me however.. I have a much stronger bond with my 10 year old. And my 4 year old has a much stronger bond with her dad. I tend to do more activities with my older one because she is a lot like me and is very girly like me. My little one tends to favor her dad more than me.. and is like our little tomboy. I don't love her any less and we have our own special bond.. but she is 110 % a daddy's girl.
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This question just makes my head spin to even think about! My kids are all soooo different. I don't know how you'd even begin to compare. And now I have a son-in-law and a grand-daughter .... phew! Different again!
It's mind-boggling.
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Well, by far, my favorite is my 3 year-old. My two-year old can be such a pain and she pooped on the floor twice this week. The two one-year olds - well they are ok but I barely ever see them. So, yep, definitely going with the 3 year old. Plus he is the only human so we have that in common.

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Oh Sarah, funny, funny girl. I think my mouth was hanging open and all slack jawed as I began reading your post, smiling by the end.
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My mom has favs but I do not, maybe I learned from her how not to be when I had kids.

I would like to say I treat all my kids equal. I love them all the same but different because all three of them are different. But I don't do more for one over the other or love one more than the other. I would do anything for any of them and they know that.
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I have a two year old and another on the way.....I cannot think about how I could love another kid the same way that I do my son....but something tells me it won't be a problem. It just blows my mind how my heart can just make room for another.
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My (younger) brother and I were adopted (separately, we're not biorelated). I remember being really, really excited when my mom was pregnant with my first sister (I was 14), and one of my best friends asked me if I wasn't afraid that that my parents would love the baby more because it was their "real" child (I guess my brother and I were fake kids). I remembered thinking it was the craziest thing I'd ever heard, but I was surprised at how many adults asked my parents similar questions.

"Oh you must be so thrilled to be having your own child after so many years." (Like my brother and I were just rentals, I guess).

I would say that my mother identifies more with our youngest sister (their personalities are crazy clones of each other), but I've never seriously felt any of us was a clear favorite (at least not consistently, of course there were times when one child got more attention than another, and anyone in a pouty mood could decide to think that the child getting the attention at the moment was the favorite). Like my brother accusing me of being the favorite because I had no curfew (he consistently broke his 10 pm curfew, and I never had a curfew because I was a boring child and rarely came home after 9).

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I remember reading somewhere that it is not uncommon for parents to favor one child over the other.

My parents favored my sisters who are 6 years younger than me and still do. I vowed to never do that to any of my children.

With that being said my middle child who is 13 pushes every button I have and she is often times very hard to talk to where my older daughter (17) and my son (9) are easy to talk to so I am able to communicate much easier with them. I know it is just a faze with my 13 year old so I try not to let it get me down when she would rather read then spend time doing anything with me.

So no, I don't have a favorite but there are times when it is easier to be with one child than the other.
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