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Default I am sick & tired of this HEAT

Okay it is OCTOBER !! Does it really need to be in the friggin 80's ??
I am so hot. I have no desire to walk or ride my bike...all the things I thought I'd be doing in the FALL !!!!
Just seriously needed to vent and get that out there.
We have had over 53 days this year of heat over 95 .
We have had very very very little rain.
I live in OHIO.
I thought by now it would be in the high 60's and I could enjoy the cool air while I walk or ride my bike...but yet again I have to pull the hair up into a pony tail and Im too hot to work out -- outside !

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Weather can be weird. In CA, where we normally have "Indian Summer" and it is hot well into October, we're getting our first snow in the Sierras today.

Don't worry - soon enough you'll be wishing for the heat again as you shiver.
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Sorry to hear about the heat. I am here in the Georgia/Carolina area and we are still having 80degree days too...but it feels so much better than those 100 degree days!!! Don't fret too much. If it's like here, it'll be too cold too soon!!! But hope you are able to get out and ride your bike soon!!!
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It's hot here, too, but it's Florida, so I expect it. I sort of miss having four seasons, but then again, I really do hate cold weather, so I actually am more partial to Florida than I thought!

I've heard that riding your bike in the heat (or doing any kind of physical activity in the head) makes you burn more calories because you sweat more, which also makes it more taxing. Go for a ride anyway!
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Originally Posted by lumifan4ever View Post
Sorry to hear about the heat. I am here in the Georgia/Carolina area and we are still having 80degree days too...
lumifan!!! .... I'm in Savannah, Georgia... where are you?

2bthin... I know what you mean about the heat. I am a "summer girl" - I love the summer! - but doggone it! When it's autumn it should FEEL like autumn! - and I cannot STAND to exercise in the heat! - I'm an indoor exerciser... or a cool weather outdoor exerciser. If it's hot & I'm outside, then I want to be swimming! Lucky for me, swimming is the only exercise I can do right now - & it's still in the 80's here - so I'm enjoying my pool!

I hope you get some cool weather soon so you can enjoy your bike rides again!
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I feel the same way! I am in Northern VA near Washington, D.C. and it has been consistently in the middle to upper 80s the past couple of weeks with only a couple of comfortable days in the low 70s. I HATE HEAT!!! I have never been comfortable in the summer because I hate to sweat, and I always love when September/October rolls around and it gets cooler, like in the lower 70s/60s, and you can wear a long sleeve shirt outside and just be COMFORTABLE. Fall is definitely my favorite season because I can start wearing my hoodies again and it feels awesome to take a walk outside. I'm not much of a fan of cold, cold weather, but I would take it any day over being 85 and up. I feel like there won't be much fall this year - it will go almost from summer to winter with no fall in between. I just checked the weather for my area for the next few days - middle to upper 80s. Boo. I'm glad someone else out there hates the heat at this time of year.

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I'll take your 80's for the 90's, lol. That is what it is supposed to be here in the midwest today, ugh! But next week...we are headed for a cool down-70's, lol!
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NW Indiana here and I agree....I WANT MY COOL WEATHER!!! I figured October I'd be able to walk outdoors in the cool crisp air,wrong! Put summer clothes up to make room for cooler weather clothes....nope,need BOTH out now because you never know what the weather will be.I miss FALL!
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South Island, New Zealand here. And the other side of the coin, I'd settle for some consistency here!

We had snow flurries in the city on Wednesday. Today we're expecting 25 degrees Celsius and much the same tomorrow. I'm not sure whether to pack up all my winter stuff or not!
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I too am POed with the 80s and 90s here in the midwest. I moved back here this year to get away from the heat. I had been living in Phoenix for 15 years. It's 4 degrees cooler there today than here. WTF???? It is fall right? The heat must have followed me.!!!!! Bring on the snow!
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I love the warm weather, long walks with the dog, no jackets to fuss with, less laundry to fold…the white crap will be here soon enough and we will all be shivering WISHING for the sunshine and warm days (87 here in northern Massachusetts today) and I loved every second of it! Anyone else with me?
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I hate this heat. It's October it's not supposed to be 90 degrees outside.

Autumn is my favourite season but the temps should be in the 70's. By Thursday we should be back to more seasonal temps.
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Yep, 90's tomorrow and Sunday. I know there is a lot of debate about global warming, but I was a kid back in the late 50's and 60's and it was very cool and crisp here in the St. Louis area by now. We had a lot of Thanksgivings where it snowed back in the day. And Christmas almost always was a white one. NOW, it doesn't get cool until November and maybe one snow a season. We love the cold and snow here, but I guess we'll have to go up north to get that anymore~~
Have a GREAT weekend, ladies.
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Me too! It's been in the 80s/90s here in Eastern NC for months and I can't take much more! I gain/don't lose weight when it's so friggin' hot because it makes me miserable and I don't want to move, etc.

I grew up in RI/MA and I miss it soooo much! It may not be that much cooler there now, but at least there are definable seasons--not just summer and a month of "cool" (I use that loosely) weather
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I live in PA and I'm sick of the heat too. I like to walk before work and everyday I go in feeling yucky and sticky. I got my routine going though and hate to shake it up and get off track. LOL, I also have curly hair and I know my curly haired girlfriends feel my pain when I say I'm still frizzy in October! I'm tired of wearing my hair back and can't wait for true fall weather.
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