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Smile Can You Spare Just One Meal?

That's all I nead just one meal. Actually I just need an idea. You see I am in charge of dinner tonight and I can't think of a thing to have.

Does that ever happen to you? I can make a lot of meals, Angie has demanded I cook dinner for the family, half the time, for 10 years now. I do it too! I know what is best for me .

Every now and then I run into the "I can't think of anything!" rut.

All I am asking for is just ONE MEAL from you, actually just an idea.

It doesn't mater how healthy ~ for how many ~ how difficult or simple ~ just an idea. If you would like to give the recipe that would be cool ...but only if you have time.

Who knows, if we all give just one idea a week ~ We may never need to buy another cookbook!

Thanks for your help and thanks for SHARING!
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I love making enchiladas!

Oh, and putting a roast in the crock pot is sooo easy.
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I cheated and copied what I posted in another thread, meals I made this weekend. They were a hit!

I am making an arugula pesto with walnuts, arugula, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, a pinch of black pepper and umeboshi vinegar. (Put all in a food processor and puree, then serve over steamed veggies, crusty bread, rice, pasta or anything else!).

I am steaming beets and carrots to serve over a salad of heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, mixed greens, chickpeas and kalamata olives. (A lemon-garlic or lemon-tahini dressing is great with this).

I am cooking quinoa in vegetable broth, and serving it with a zucchini, caramelized onion and garlic sauce. (The quinoa can be cooked in a rice cooker, but rinse it first!).

Next, I chopped onion and carrots and cooked them in a skillet (without oil). While that was cooking, I chopped some young Spring onions (they are purple on the bottoms and green at the tops), a yellow heirloom tomato and added that in after the onion and carrot was cooked.

Next, I sliced a cup of seitan and added that, stirring frequently. (You can use any protein you like). I put about 1/3 a tsp. of ground black pepper and 6 shakes of cayenne pepper in and mixed it up.

After that was cooked, I took 3 cups of the seasoned quinoa and mixed it in, squeezing the juice of one lime over it all.

To top it off, I chopped 6 jalapeno stuffed large green olives and 1/2 a pickled jalapeno, 3 slices of dried mango coated in chili and sprinkled a bit of each of them on each serving.

This is really delicious, there is no added oil, it is high in fiber and protein and veggies!
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I know what you're talkin' bout re: ruts!!

I love this super EZ dinner out of the Sonoma Diet Book.

Easy balsamic chicken (marinate chicken breast [pound to 1/4 in thickness] in 1/4 cup each olive oil & balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, crushed red pepper 1-4 hours; bake in the oven 400 degrees 15 minutes)

We had brown rice pilaf with veggies & garbanzos, and braised spinach with this - it was really yummy!
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We're having salmon & broccoli tonight. DH and The Boy will probably have rice, too. I like my salmon straight up or with lemon; DH & TB like fish sauce, which I make by mixing about 2 tbs lf plain yogurt, 1 tbs dill relish, and 1 tsp or less of mayo. Leftover salmon gets mixed with the leftover fish sauce and, voila, salmon salad for the next day's lunch.

Boring, yes, but quick, easy, healthy, and usually good for two meals.

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My DF has a signature dish (the only dish he makes for dinner that doesn't involve the grill!), it's "chicken" marsala (or "ficken" as we like to call mock chicken in my house). I don't know his recipe off hand but it's delicious! Basically it's chicken-style seitan with mushrooms in marsala sauce, served up with whole wheat spaghetti and a vegetable. It's yummy, think I'll be requesting it tonight
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I like to take 3-4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts, put them in a crock, cut up 2-3 celery stalks, 1 onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 cup of brown rice, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, 2 cans of water, and half a bag of baby carrots, and let that all cook together all day in the crock! That is a real tasty meal that is very quick prepare since it is in the crock pot and cooks while your away.
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This is the OMG it is 5:20 and I have nothing thawed for dinner "EMERGENCY CHICKEN" - so much better than the half dried out edges from nuke thawing. It doesnt sound great, but it is really quite good for emergency food.

Take frozen chicken breasts and put them in a single layer (if possible) Pour some italian style or other vinaigrette style salad dressing over the chicken. Bring to boil, lower heat, cover and simmer until chicken is cooked through, turning the chicken at least once. If your chicken is frozen into one solid lump, then either nuke JUST long enough to break into pieces or after about 5 min of simmering take the chicken out and separate. For nicely separated frozen breasts it takes ~ 20 min, for one lump it takes a bit longer.

This is good then turned into emergency chick parmesan. Serve with ww spaghetti and steamed broccoli and put the chick on the pasta, cover with spag sauce and sprinkle a little cheese on top.
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How about Jambalaya?
You can make it in so many different variations. The classic sausage/chicken/shrimp if that is what you like, or you can make it completely vegetarian. I like to use brown rice and lots of vegetables. I have used the fake sausage (soy-based) and it works well.
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Gary~I Just posted a chicken recipe in this week's maintainers section. DD loved it!!

BTW this is from memory, I can't find the actual recipe on the Cooking Light website.

Honey Pecan crusted Chicken

2 T dijon mustard
1/4 c honey
1/4 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1/2 t garlic powder (I used about a clove of garlic from a jar)
assorted chicken pieces, skinned (I used 4 boneless breasts)
1/2 c chopped pecans
1 1/2 c corn flakes (I used whole wheat Total), ground up
cooking spray

Rinse and dry chicken.
Combine mustard, honey, salt, pepper and garlic in a shallow dish.
Combine chopped pecans and corn flakes in a second shallow dish.
Dip chicken in honey mixture and then dredge in cornflake mixture. Place on cooking sheet sprayed with cooking spray. LIghtly spray chicken with cooking spray. Bake at 400 degrees for 40-45 minutes. (Which is a good temperature for roasting green beans to go with it!)
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One of my favorite "no cook" meals is Tofu Salad. Here's what I put in mine:

1 block firm tofu, drained and cubed
1 can 8(?) oz. pink salmon, drained
2-3 ripe tomatoes, chopped and drained
1 cucumber (Japanese seedless type if you can find it), sliced thinly into rounds
1/4 round onion, chopped
1 package fresh bean sprouts; or bunch of watercress, chopped
A few stalks of green onion, chopped as a garnish
**Japanese furikake (dried nori, sesame seed mixture) optional

How to prepare salad:
1) Drain and cube tofu into bite sized pieces, sit in colandar to let excess water out
2) Place tofu as bottom layer in a small rectangular cake pan or serving dish
**Sprinkle furikake lightly over tofu (this is optional ingredient)
3) Layer sliced cucumber over tofu
4) Flake salmon over cucumber layer with a fork
5) Sprinkle round onion over salmon
6) Put bean sprouts or watercress (or both) over salmon and onion layer
7) Top with chopped tomatoes and sprinkle green onions as a garnish on top

1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp salad oil (canola or vegetable, etc.)
3 cloves garlic, minced

Place all in salad dressing cruet and shake well. Pour over salad or over single servings sparingly (dressing single servings separately works best). If you prefer, you can brown garlic in oil slightly to tone down the taste. I like mine straight up raw. You can also add toasted sesame seeds if you want.

This salad is light, flavorful and full of protein. You can have this as a side salad or eat it as a meal because it's delicious.

If you can find it in your grocery stores (I know we have it here in Hawaii), "Chop Suey" vegetable mix is great in this salad. It's basically bean sprouts, sliced carrots, shredded cabbage and water cress in one 1/2 pound bag. If not, you can just buy any of the above-mentioned vegetables separately for a healthy, colorful, tasty salad.

As a side note to quick defrosting foods without drying them out in the microwave--has anyone tried those metal thawing plates? I have two of them and I use them to "sandwich" a tray of frozen meats--works way better if you use two at the same time rather than just one.

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hey im a new friend of yours... please read all of this before you start... what i like to do is take lean ground beef and brown it drain off any liquid put in garlic pepper salt onions a can of diced mild Chile peppers that also has tomatoes init and one can beef broth low in salt let it simmer together until everything is mixed and hot...all you need then is to cook the rice.... serve.... yummy in your tummy

p.s.i also like to put mushrooms,green pepper,cheese low fat, or sour cream because you make this thick so watch when you put in the beef flav that it wont make it to soup like but give it flav ... you can also put this on soft taco shells or hard shells... peace Eva
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I say break the grill out!! I think you have said you do like to grill. You could get fancy and do kebobs. Hubby cooked when we were first together 20 + years ago but I think he forgot how--you know selective amnesia....

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Gary this is so easy.

Pick up a packet of McCormick Slow Cookers BBQ Pulled Pork Seasoning

All you need is a 3lb boneless pork shoulder roast, ketchup, brown sugar and vinegar. Ammounts are on the packet.

Throw it in the slow cooker and leave it all day.

BBQ pork sandwiches when you come home.

I like corn on the cob with mine.

If all else fails tacos.
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Salmon Patties! Recipe is usually on the label.
Take FF plain yogurt and add dill weed for dipping sauce.
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