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Default Stretch marks

I have them EVERYWHERE!
The stretch marks on my tummy are the worst stretch marks I have ever seen on anyone they cover my entire stomach and are very wide and deep. My bro says it looks like I was attacted by Freddy Krueger. I also have then on my inner thighs, breasts, arms and even some, down there.
I got them all when I was preggo with my son. I don't know why they got so bad, he was a small baby.

Anyways, I've been losing some weight and trying to get the body I've always wanted, but I'm sad becasue I know that no matter what size I am I'm going to have these ugly stretch marks covering my body. I was at the beach over the weekend and it just suck wearing clothes on the beach instaed od a swim suit, especially knowing that even if I do lose all the weight, I still can't wear and suit and feel good about myself with these ugly things all over me.

I'll do anything short of surgery to get rid of them, everywhere I've read says that once they are old and white there is nothing to do about them. I can't settle for that answer. There has to be something. It's hard to believe that all those beautiful celebrities just gor lucky and diddn't get them. How did they get rid of theirs?
I did hear of some cream called strivectin ($130 for 6 oz) but I'm scared to pay theat and it not work.

Any of you ladies know how to at least shrink these things? I havn't worn a cute 2 peice since I was 16 and I hate to think I'll never wear one ( and look good) again.
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There are SO many threads on this and you'll find lots of information on this topic but I will share the basics:

Don't waste money on creams. They will make the skin soft and seem more pliable, that is all.

Retin-A is the only one clinically proven to help stretch marks that are still RED/PURPLE.

Relume, laser resurfacing and surgery are the only ways to actually remove them once they are silver.

Talk to your doctor/dermatologist to see if these treatments are right for you.
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Hi ShyShy,

Check out the "Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss" Forum in the "Maintainers" Section. There is a lot of talk about loose skin, but there is also a lot of discussion and info about stretch marks here.

I know it can be disheartening to do all this work for a "perfect" body and then not to look like you hoped or expected. But I try to focus on how much better I feel, and that I can wear smaller clothes, and how much healthier I am, than to think about my stretch marks. I prefer to focus on the positive. Good luck.
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Just wondering -- why NOT consider surgery???? I know that if and when I get to my goal weight, I will have one HECK of a turkey-gobbler neck. I'll have it taken care of...hey, better living through surgery!!!
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I agree with the others...there is no way to get rid of the stretch marks-unless you get laser treatments, and a lot of times, they don't fully rid you of them-they just lessen the appearance.

I have stretch marks, too (my smallest baby out of the three was a 9lb3oz preemie) and honestly, they don't look bad once they fade to the silvery white color.

Are you planning on having any more children besides your son? If you are, I wouldn't spend money on a laser treatment yet...because you might end up with more after another baby.

The celebrities didn't get away unscathed, either. Those with c-sections have scars...and celebs such as Jenny McCarthy talk about having stretch marks, etc. after a baby. You aren't going to see them, though, on a magazine cover-because they would be airbrushed out.

I have tried creams, Mederma, etc. and no...they don't work. But, it is a small price to pay for my children.
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Ok well maybe there isn't anything I can do about them, if thats the case then I'm sad, becasue like I said I havn't worn a bathing suit since I was 16, my fiance and I go to the beach alot and its very frustrating to see all these women in there pretty 2 peices and I'm sitting down there in my capris and t-shirt. I'm only 20, this really sucks. I want my fiance to think I look sexy on the beach like the other girls. Maybe I can find a sexy 1 peice. Ugh, I'm gonna stop now. I dont even wanna think about it.
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