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Default Tragus Piercing Advice

Hey im thinking about getting my tragus pierced before the half term to give it some time to "clam down". Does anyone have any advice?(,using headphones, swelling etc.) and i know peoples pain thresholds are different but how much does it hurt, I already have a cartelidge (sp?) piercing on each ear, does it hurt a lot more than that?

http://accel15.mettre-put-idata.over...le/tragus.jpeg <picture for those who wanna see what a tragus piercing is

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i found that it didn't hurt really. i had an industrial done at the same time that DID hurt and never healed.
look on tribaletic i think thats what its called...for some good advice. common sense really, keep it clean and try not to bang anything on it
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my mom got hers done, and she has had several ear piercings including cartilage and she said it was by far the most painful one... she has a pretty high tolerance for pain. But then again, most ear piercings aren't TOO painful...
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