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Default Why is common courtesy not so common

Today at work we had to meet at a different hospital about 25 miles south. After we met there, a group of us were walking outside. It was pouring down rain. The arrangement was to meet back in front of the hospital when we had retrieved the cars because the other driver was going to pick up his passengers. As I am leaving the parking lot, I see him driving the other way with everyone in the car. He had already picked them up and was headed out of the facility. I quickly made the left instead of the right to catch up to them.

When we get on the highway, it is still pouring rain. He drives a truck and I drive a little Accent. He is going 65 mph down the highway, switching lanes without leaving any room for me to follow, and cutting other drivers off when they are "going too slow for his taste." Needless to say, I was a little frightened trying to follow him.

Then, we finally get downtown without getting killed. He turns his blinker on to make a left turn, the next car turns his blinker on, and I turn mine on. He starts to make the turn, and we follow in suit. At the last possible second, he jerks back onto the road, the second car does the same, and I almost got completely rear ended trying to get back on the road.

The car that almost hit me is now between the second car and me. We go to the next light and have to stop. Having missed the green arrow, he decides to make a right turn (across two lanes of traffic) from the left turn lane at a red light. The second car follows. Meanwhile, I can't see in front of the SUV in front of me. When the light changed, I'm left wondering where they went.

(It is also important to mention that I don't have a cell phone ... so if I'm following you and we get separated you should wait for me to catch up).

I realized I was now downtown with nowhere to go with an hour and a half to kill. (and no way to get a hold of them).

I decided to walk down the street and get some coffee and a paper. As I walk into the coffee shop, they are in front of me in line. One of the other guys walks over and says what's up? I replied, "So-and-so's [insert expletive here] driving - that's what's up. (This is where I could have calmly explained that I was upset because the driver was driving recklessly and not taking into consideration that people were folllowing him). The driver mumbles some sort of half-hearted apology. I had had a rough morning. I figured - hey, he somewhat apologized - just let it go.

So now we are chillin' ... just sitting around talking. I was still hungry so I asked if we were going to be there for awhile. Everyone said yeah that's cool. I was not finished eating when they all stood up to go walk around. I was left sitting there. Someone looked confused when I looked visibly upset. I would not have gotten something to munch on if we had not been staying "for awhile." Is it not common courtesy to wait until everyone is finished - especially if that person asked if it was going to be an issue?

Am I justified to be upset? What should I do?

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Man, I wouldn't have been nearly so polite as you in this situation. I would've told that driver straight up how reckless his driving was, how he nearly caused accidents, and how inconsiderate he was. He knew he was in the wrong with his "half hearted apology", but it sounds like he didn't give a hoot either.

As for the cafe eating, yes they should've waited till you were finished, or been straight up from the get-go that they were about to go walking in a few minutes. In the future, I would recommend that if you continue to go with these group of people for walks, to get the places where you're gonna be at beforehand, so you don't have to follow anyone there. I also recommend instead of doing group walking, to do it by yourself or with a friend.
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