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Default 70% chocolate legal ??? read below

I was on Sb years ago. I restarted it this week....i know i am eating way too much in quantity......of all things...but so far no sugar.....well one a time....

I remember having chocolate...and eating the Lindt brand at night. I bought this brand vallers...and i just ate some...Needless to say..i read the back ingredients AFTER...i ate it. Sugar was the second ingredient...i'm so mad at myself......was that cheating????

also is there a better chocolate thats legal...its in the 1st book...
whats the best brand of YOGurt....??????/ the least amount of sugar../.
hot dogs??? legal???
thank you
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If the chocolate is 70% cocoa solids it is ok. That is the only thing I check. BUT, you really need to only have about an ounce a week. It is not an unlimited food if you want to lose. Use it as a treat. Hot dogs are ok, check the sugars though. Processed foods must have three or less grams of sugar. I try to eat less processed stuff, as hot dogs are so full of stuff..if I eat them, I get the pricey brands, like Hebrew National, and Mavarick. On the yogurt, I use the store brand, Publix with no sugar added. They are good, and sweetened with splenda. I can't have aspartame. Read the labels, and see what is in the ones you can get where you live. Keep in mind that the higher sugar content on yogurt is from the naturally occuring lactose in the milk. It is actually ok, as long as there is NO added sugar.

If you have more questions, please feel free to join us over on the weekly support board. That is where most of the Sugarbusters check in the most often, and you will get your questions answered there more quickly. We would love to have you join us! We chat about all kinds of stuff as well as the diet, and it is a nice group that is always happy to have a new face! Here is the link:
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