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Default New to SB living


Due to a recurrence of my OCD w/Panic Attacks, my counselor recommended that I cut sugar and caffeine out of my diet, so here I am. I've read the book and am making due (I don't get paid till tomorrow, so grocery shopping hasn't occured).

I have one question that I'm hoping someone can help me with. What do you do for milk? I usually always have 1% milk, but looking at it it had a LOT of sugar in it. So, even if I made some 'Sugar Free Pudding', it would still have more sugar than I'd feel comfortable with.

Any suggestions?
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My quick answer to the sugar in the milk is that it is lactose, which is natural sugar, which is totally okay. If you can stomach skim milk, it has the least amount of fat, but I drink 1% because I hate the 'bluish' tint to skim milk...

What you want to do when looking for sugar is skip the label that gives you the grams of sugar and go right to the ingredients and actually look for sugar. The label that says how many grams of sugar it has doesn't decipher from natural sugar and added sugar. For instance, there is a lot of sugar in an apple, but its natural, so have at it!

Any other questions...I'd suggest you go to the Weekly Support Board. We gab a lot on there, but we also answer any and all questions people post. Check it out!!

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Techwife is right. The sugar in milk is lactose and ok. It is the added sugars that you have to be careful about. Sugars in fruits, vegetables and milk are ok because they are naturally occuring. For instance, on tomato sauce, it might look high, but if you read the ingredients and there are no added sugars, it is ok. Remember that sugar in the ingredients can be listed as sucrose, dextrose, maltose...anything ending with 'ose' are probably sugars and malto-dextrin is another one...corn syrup, or especially high fructose corn syrup should be avoided.

Hope to see you on our current support thread!
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Default Almond milk

If you are concerned with sugar in cow's milk, maybe try unsweetened soy or almond milk? I started drinking unsweetened vanilla (and chocolate!) almond milk, and it absolutely fantastic. Plus only 40 calories for 8 ounces! Be sure to get a brand that is fortified though.
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i see not a lot of people do the SB way of eating...not many post...too bad...its such a good way of eating and the right way too...

for your info on milk yes try unsweeten soy..i cant drink milk...cant digest get bad heartburns...but soy is the best thing for anyone...especially women in their pre-meno or meno...great for the joints and all...
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TGIF1: There is a good core group of folks who do Sugarbusters...we all mainly post on the support forum, in the monthly thread. Here is a link, if you care to join us:
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Originally Posted by tgif1 View Post
i see not a lot of people do the SB way of eating...not many post...too bad...its such a good way of eating and the right way too...
That's an interesting statement. I am new to this forum and astonished about all these different ways of dieting! I mean of course every magazine offers the perfect diet every two weeks, but I did expect to find a more accepted method here instead of such a variety.

Imho there is no real "right" way. The human body is just way to complex for that and there are tons of factors playing into that. What works for one person may not work for another and vice versa. And from what I read so far, every nutritionist has a different view on what is healthy and what is not.

I am convinced that psychology is the major (and so far most underrated) factor. If you are convinced that your approach may work and you are willing to work for it (exercise, maybe even eating a little less because you are conscious about what you eat now), there is a good chance for it to work.
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