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hara hachi bu
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Question Feeding Teenage Boys

My 15-year-old son unexpectedly had some overnight guests last night. I don't mind last-minute overnights, because the kids are good and I know what they're up to. There's nothing sweeter than knowing exactly what your teenager and his friends are up to on a weekend night.

Anyway, here is my dilemma: what to feed them. They are large, athletic guys who tend to crave large quantities of meat. Last night, I ordered them each a $5 pizza from Domino's. I was distracted from moving some furniture and didn't want to take the time to cook; so I figured they'd have pizza and I'd have some canned soup. This would have worked out fine if I didn't even see the pizza, but one of the kids left before his pizza showed up, so I had a piping-hot medium extra-cheese pizza staring me down in the kitchen. Hmm ... canned soup, or piping-hot pizza?

They awakened around 8:00am and we had nothing but dirty dishes in the kitchen. Rather than wake up early and cook and clean on a Saturday morning, I opted to go to McDonald's for them. Second bad choice. Nevermind the apple-walnut salad, I headed straight for what the boys were getting - sausage mcgriddle.

So, I would like to find easy and healthier options for feeding these guys at both dinner and breakfast. Does anybody have any suggestions for a happy medium; filling, appealing to male teenagers, yet not sabotaging Mom's diet?

Thanks in advance ...

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Pasta is always my first thought when I think of an affordable way to feed hungry boys/men!

Pasta marinara (cheese on the side if they want to add it in) with lots of bread (garlic bread is great but if you don't have time, just put out bread and butter and skip the butter yourself) and a big salad.

Chili is another one that is great with cornbread and a salad and it's easy to make this low-fat too.

Greek rice and beans, hummus and pita with a greek salad

Bean and rice burritos with all the fixings

Homemade pizzas on french bread (cut the entire loaf in half) (they can customize the toppings, such as onions, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, pineapple and so on).

For breakfast type foods, oatmeal, toast, cereal, fruit, nuts and so on
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I have a ravenous 15 year old boy/man at home and often his friends. I buy pizza crusts and all the fixings and they enjoy making their own. They also eat huge salads along with them. I'll sometimes make myself a mini-pizza on a whole wheat tortilla, hold the cheese.

Another thing they love that isn't a diet buster for me is barbequed chicken drumsticks. They are cheap, and I can make a few without the sauce. Again, lots of salad and pasta or French bread for them.

They all seem to love Chinese food, so I make that with either chicken or the cheapest beef youcan get- usually London Broil here- slice the beef really thin and sautee with loads of vegetables. Serve with a pile of rice and a bottle of soy sauce.

Tacos- Just put out all the fixings and let them make their own.

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Whole wheat pasta (Healthy harvest brand or from Trader Joe's), a low sodium pasta sauce and optional cheese.

Boca Burgers--lots of different flavors available

Make-your-own burritos--put out whole wheat wraps, heat up fat-free refried beans, put out tomato, lettuce, salsa.

Also we only buy no-cal flavored seltzer, not soda.
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hara hachi bu
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Thanks, everybody! I went to Costco and purchased large quantities of spaghetti sauce, noodles and cereal in preparation for this coming Friday night.

There are a lot of good ideas on here!
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