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Default Crystal Light

I drink Crystal Light Iced Tea all the time... I just assumed it was almost like a freebie? How bad is Crystal Light, anyone know?
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There's nothing bad about it, lol, it should be a freebie! It has 5 calories per 8 oz glass, so you would have to drink a few gallons per day before you'd do any damage If you are on a low carb diet, you would need to limit it because it has one carb per serving.
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Crytal Light is great: You should try Emergen-C......a lil more calories(except in the lemon flavor) butttttt they give you lots of nutrients....
What I used to do with Crystal LIght is make slushis!!!!
Water Ice and Crystal Light in a blender....and you have a nice after dinner..or lunch treat in the summer!
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Wink try these flavors!

My kids and I have tried all of the flavors available! We really like the lemonade, Kroger Brand lemon-lime and Wal-mart brand fruit punch and Peach! YUMMY!! We drink it by the pitcher at our house in place of KOOLaid type drinks!
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What I like to do is....add fruit. Sounds strange doesn't it?

But like for lemonde flavors...I add lemons.
For Raspberry flavors...I add raspberries and so on.

Adds a little life to the drink!
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I love the Peach Tea!!
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