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Default anybody avoiding dairy?

I love love cheese! Did I mention I love cheese?
However cheese is one of my foods that I have been avoiding because I over indulge when I eat it.
I don't drink milk because I really dislike it. So that is not issue for me.
I will say, I thought I would be craving it more. I did the first week, but not any more. I feel great. I'm not sure if it's that I'm eating better and not drinking wine as much.
Does any one else notice a difference when you cut dairy out of your diet.

Eta: I just realized I put a tablespoon of Greek yogurt in my tuna salad today. Lol, duh. I guess I'm avoiding cheese not dairy.

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I haven't eaten dairy in 6 years or so. I cut cheese prior to that and I think that did help with cutting calories. I used to love cheese but now I think it is gross.
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Cheese can sure be addicting! I've avoided dairy for awhile, though I guess I don't count pizza as dairy, lol. I don't trust the industry anymore, once it became commonplace to feed antibiotics & growth-type hormones to cows. Also, I get a skin reaction along the sides of my nose from eating casein products, one of the milk proteins (no problem with whey, tho). I don't miss it at all.
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Oh my....I can devour cheese, that's for sure! And I LOVE milk. But I'm finding I am lactose intollerant now. So I just bought fat free organic lactose free milk at Whole Foods. It's really good. And yes, I tried coconut milk and almond milk. They just don't cut it for me.
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I'm enjoying the fact that things taste just as good with out cheese.
Still feeling good with out it. I don't know if I will always avoid it but for now it's working. Saves me the calories.

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