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Default Meal prep vs...??

SO I'm having a problem and it is keeping me from losing weight (or at least that is what I'm telling myself). I have lost 30 pounds since this whole thing started, but honestly most of it was from lowering on dosage of prednisone so I can't exactly say I did all this work (although I have done a little).

I love to cook. I love to come home from work and cook a meal. Whether it's pasta, or a meat-veggies-potatoes type meal, casserole, roast chicken, roast beef etc... However we always over eat. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I make awesome food. It's so good, and I make so much of it that me and my husband just eat it.. A lot of it! Plus everyday I'm coming home and cooking a big feast, like waaay more than we would never need. When I cook spaghetti, I cook the entire box! Then I divide up the left overs and we have lunches leftover.. But it has to stop. My friends come over and leave holding their bellies because they too, can't resist my cooking and overeat. They tell me it's like thanksgiving, and a lot of them have admitted to fasting all day so they could eat lots of my food! It's flattering but it's really a huge hurdle for me. They come visit and raid my fridge for leftover food and go home with lots of goodies. I've always got something that has been baked whether it's fresh bread/rolls, pies, etc... There is always something here.

I love to cook with heavy foods, butter, cheeses, cream... Yep all that deliciousness.

Another problem I have is I really only eat once a day, I will usually eat something small for breakfast (like an egg) but then I often go all day without eating; then I get so hungry so I cook this huge feast and binge. Then sometimes I eat in the evening because I stay up very late every night due to my work schedule.

However the one and only way I will stay on track with eating better is meal prep. I hate meal prep... I do. I actually love doing the actual prep itself; but it's the eating I hate. I hate cold food, or food that has been stored. However, I won't make it fresh everyday. I will crave fats, and starches and I will not make healthy foods, I will just come home and make a big feed of garlic cheese toasts and lasagna (that happened today).

So I am at a crossroads...

Any advice or suggestions? I don't know if I'm making the wrong food, but darnit I am tired of eating cold chicken salads wrapped with lettuce and hummus... Maybe I need better ideas?
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Do you have to eat food that has just been prepared? That is, could you freeze servings in reasonable portion sizes (one portion per package) and use that to help you control what you eat?

Also, I think it is going to be the rare person who can skip lunch and snacks and then not overeat in the evening. I realize you may not be that hungry at lunch time but people generally do better if they don't let so much time go by between meals. It doesn't have to be a large meal.

As far as cooking with heavy foods, etc. - to succeed in weight loss, you would very likely have to change this for your daily cooking. There are lots of good nutritious foods that don't use those ingredients. Maybe look for some cookbooks with more healthy and lower calorie choices.

Also, don't cook enough for 8 people if you don't want to do freezer cooking. Cook enough for 2 people, that is, 2 servings only. Don't cook things that can't be easily scaled down to 2 servings. That takes care of the overeating problem. You can't eat what isn't there.
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