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Trader Joe's 2% fat (the texture of the fat-free is icky to me) with berries and some granola. Awesome, filling breakfast.

I don't like adding sweetener, but what I've noticed is, if I add a little vanilla extract, it brings out some sweeter flavors to the yogurt. Ther berries help too, of course.
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I've tried Dannon Greek yogurt and really like it. I get the fat free one that does have sugar. It's very good. Today I tried the Trader Joe's fat free pomegranate one and it was good. Tomorrow I'll try the TJ's blueberry. I'm new to Greek yogurts and plan on making the rounds to find what I like best.
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Well I quite liked my yoplait brand greek yogurt and as I eat a full cup of yogurt daily I can't afford the $2.00 Fage. Works for me.
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I don't like greek yogurt as yogurt. I *LOVE* it as a sub for sour cream though.. and as a sandwich spread... in place of mayo (which I don't like.. blech!) in chicken and tuna salads.
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I love the Dannon 0% plain Greek -I add 1 pkt of splenda and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie filling and 1/2 cup fresh blueberries. I eat one every day and I LOVE it! So filling and so much protein to last you for hours!
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Originally Posted by dudesmom View Post
Seems like I'm an oddball but the only way I find it palatable is as a substitute for sour cream. I buy the Fage 0% plain.
This is the brand I get and how I use it. I use it in place of ricotta as well in some italian dishes.

I tried the Dannon and the "house brands" and found them to be grainy and well, bleh.
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okay guess ima gonna have to explore this further many mixed reviews.

i really wish we had a trader joes around here!
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I think it's a matter of how you like your yogurt. I like my yogurt really thick, about the consistency of sour cream. I can't stand watery yogurt. So I really like Greek yogurt. But you like yogurt on the thinner side, Greek yogurt probably isn't for you.

And brand is also really important. I like Trader Joe's and Fage; the other brands I've tried I haven't liked at all (I think Oikos was one). At this point, if I can't get Trader Joe's or Fage, I eat something other than yogurt.

I eat my Greek yogurt plain. Most mornings I stir 1 cup Kashi puffed cereal (unsweetened) into it and top it with berries. Sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey. But I also like it completely plain, with nothing stirred into it and am happy to eat it that way. I used to eat 0% fat, but recently I switched to 2%.
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Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post

And brand is also really important. I like Trader Joe's and Fage; the other brands I've tried I haven't liked at all (I think Oikos was one). At this point, if I can't get Trader Joe's or Fage, I eat something other than yogurt.
Ditto. As a treat in maintanence I will add apple/pumpkin butter (16 gram) to yogurt along with 70 grams of berries, 10 grams of Kashi Go Lean for crunch. 198 cal total. I bring this on trips, eat it 2x/week. If no fruit butters, I use honey. But not when I was losing. I did not want a self induced plateau. Delish as far as I am concerned. And that is the deal. Eat things you find delish. That will make success much more likely.
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Karen925, I just discovered apple butter in yogurt. Yes, I, who posted above about being such a hardcore Greek yogurt fan that I eat the stuff plain, with nothing added, zilch, nada. Just yesterday morning, I tried it. It was frighteningly good. So good, I'm going to have to watch it.

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Chobani 0%.... I almost consider it dessert. I like the Strawberry, Blueberry, and my absolute FAVORITE is the Peach. But, I can't eat it unless I whip it with a spoon until it's lump-free.

I like both watery and thick yogurts, so the texture doesn't bother me. I find it way more filling.

These are about 140 calories per, sometimes I have just half a cup @ 70 cals and mix it with a serving of thawed frozen berries. The bit of liquid from the berries thins it slightly, and then top with a of Kashi and BAM, excellent breakfast for around 210 cals
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I went through a phase where I loved Greek Yogurt (Fage, Greek Gods, and I think Chobani). I came out of that phase . I do like Kroger Carbmaster yogurts, and heard the came out with some new flavors.
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Default Just tried it myself

I just recently decided to try greek yogurt myself. I had heard so much about it between all the cooking shows I was and the Doctor Oz programs that my roommate records constantly.

Chobani just happened to be on sale when I picked one up, I grabbed the pomegranate 0% (cause it's currently my favorite flavor and it was only in the 0% instead of the two). I think the fruit at the bottom was probably the only saving grace to it, I later decribed it as a cross between cream cheese and sour cream. I didn't think about putting more sugar in it, but it would make it a little better.

I think I will mostly stick with the yogurt that I normally buy and call that a treat.
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It's all pretty personal - some folks will like it, others will not - like any other food.

I'm pretty happy about Chobani - it's pretty much the only nonfat yogurt I find palatable. Before I tried it, I didn't have very much yogurt in my diet at all. I've been happy to add the Chobani because it has a ton of protein, and I think I'll find it very useful as a snack for that reason.
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Chobani Greek yogurt with either a half banana or a tablespoon of raisons added is one of my favorite breakfasts. Sometimes for variety I will add a tablespoon of sugar free preserves ( strawberry or apricot usually, sometimes raspberry). For regular yogurt I like Stoneyfield fat free vanilla.
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