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Default Mandatory Almond Pasteurization

I just learned that as of March 2008, all almonds produced in the U.S. will have to be pasteurized. Even almonds labeled as "raw" from the U.S. will be pasteurized. The articles I've read (admittedly from anti-pasteurization people - haven't yet found any pro- yet!) are all quite upset, and getting me quite upset, b/c they claim that a lot of the good nutrients will be broken down by the pasteurization process. Raw almonds are a huge source of healthy fat in my diet, I love the taste, and I love knowing I'm getting all that good nutrition! The reason is b/c of a few cases of salmonella contamination of raw almonds. Has anyone else heard about this? What do you think? Will you still buy "raw" almonds?
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I remember last year? maybe year before last? Costco had a huge recall on all of their almonds.

I am not much of an almond fan, I like walnuts a lot more.
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It is unfortunate. What next? Pasteurized "fresh" spinach?

A big concern for me is are they going to label the type of pasteurization? I'm curious because Cold Pasteurization=Irradiation.

I will probably still buy raw though, since most roasted nuts are just fried in oil basically. I have a hard time finding dry roasted nuts in the stores here. It's quite frustrating.
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I wish I could have them. I can only get my almond flavor in almond butter that we make ourselves or almond milk.
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