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hara hachi bu
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Question Baked Potato Toppings?

I was wondering if people could give me some ideas of what to put on baked white and sweet potatoes.

With sweet potatoes, I find them good enough to eat plain (but if you have interesting topping suggestions, please post!)

With white potatoes, the first thing I think of is BUTTER and SOUR CREAM. Second is broccoli and cheese.

I'm looking for healthier options. Some things I've found good to add are:
  • fat-free or low-fat ranch dressing
  • barbecue sauce
  • hot sauce
  • pico de gallo or salsa

What do you put on your baked potatoes?
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You could try low fat cottage cheese.
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I use a mixture of LF cream cheese, a sprinkle of bacon bits, and green onions. I mix it up then split my baked potato put a couple of tablespoons of the mixture in and let it melt, then I might sprinkle a little cheddar on top.

I like both sweet and white potatoes.

I don't usually put anything on my sweet potatoes, except at Thanksgiving.

I don't microwave them either. I bake both white and sweet in the oven. I think they taste so much better that way.

Oh,I lso sometimes slice my white potatoes in half (raw), and thinly slice vadalia onions and put the slices on top of the potato and wrap them in tin foil and bake them. I like these in the campfire or on the grill in the summer, very good.
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Eating for two!
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I have made twice-baked white potatoes for Jeff and me in the past using fat-free sour cream, low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, and fat-free bacon bits (haven't done this is a long time since we don't really eat potatoes very often, but if I did it now, I would likely use center-cut bacon instead of bacon bits).
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Fat-free sour cream
Fat-free cottage cheese
Butter-spray (instead of full-fat butter)
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I love baked potatoes!

Low-fat sour cream (40 calories for 2 tablespoons!), mixed with parsley and chives if I have them, and Brummel & Brown yogurt margarine. I will put cheddar on sometimes as well (30 calories for 1/4 oz), and, this might sound strange, but I love grated carrot on baked potatoes.

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I love chili on my baked potato..... so next time you make a veggie chili or turkey chili.. try it OMG oh and a dollop of sour cream (low fat) mmmm mmmmm ((onions too if your daring)).
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Great job for all of you, first of all...seeing those numbers dropping! Yah!

I like all of the things mentioned, but how about a garlic powder and fat-free butter spray combo? Pizza sauce and a tbsp or two of reduced fat cheese or maybe a string cheese cut in half doubled up, and then add some oregano and basil? or Some crumbled up turkey bacon and some reduced fat ched. cheese and fat free sour cream/or plain yogurt? Like a potato skin but MUCH better! MMMM...Suddenly I want a baked potato!

Have a great week, and thanks for the ideas!
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I like to have mustard on either my baked potatoes, or with roasted potato wedges.
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These ideas are awesome. The only thing I can add is that sometimes I roast extra veggies and then use the leftovers the next night as a topping for my baked potato. It's especially good with lots of roasted onions.
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I love both sweet and white potatos.

For sweet potatos I always bake in the oven and add just a pinch of brown sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes margine.

For baked potatos I either top with just margine or with margine, onions, and lf cheddar cheese.
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Yee Haw!
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I use a pack of Potato Topping that I found at Walmart. It has lots of spices and bacon bits too I think.
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A little horseradish and a tiny amount of parmesion cheese on the white potatos.

Sweet potatos....NOTHING!! I love them plain!!
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