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Originally Posted by baffled111 View Post
Jillybean, how do you manage to lose weight without cooking for yourself??? I can't even imagine! But then, I do like to cook, and I tend to prefer foods that I or my bf have made to store-bought, processed foods.
I didn't say I don't cook at all, just that I hate doing it. My boyfriend can't cook anything beyond throwing a Hot Pocket in the microwave, so all real cooking is left up to me. If I can find something that is healthy that I don't have to cook myself (like hummus), you bet I'll pay an extra buck or two to NOT have to spend that time in the kitchen especially in times like this past week when I worked over 60 hours--who really wants to come home and cook after a 12-hour day at the office? Well, I guess you might if you like cooking and find it relaxing, but in my itty bitty apartment kitchen, I find it more of a chore and hassle because I know cooking = dirty dishes and messes to clean up (and out cheap apartment dishwasher is pretty much useless). For me, cooking is just more work rather than something fun.
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I don't use oil in mine. I also don't use tahini anymore either because it is expensive. I use peanut butter. Lots of lemon, garlic and parsley.
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Originally Posted by baffled111 View Post
Why buy processed hummus when it literally takes five minutes to make it yourself?

Well I had never tasted it before and wasnt sure if I would like it. So I purchased a very small container to try it out.
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I do both. I make it when I feel like (I don't use tahini or peanut butter, because I think it's good without either), and I buy it when I feel like it.

Sort of like salad dressings. I usually make my own, but if I see a bottled dressing that looks good and that isn't outrageous price and calorie-wise, I'll pick it up. Sometimes it inspires me to duplicate in a homemade version, and sometimes I'll buy it just for the convenience.

And while plain hummus is quick and easy, with some of the more exotic flavors - it is definitely worth it for me to let someone else do the work. I just don't see myself preparing artichokes or fire roasting red peppers or eggplant.
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