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Why i wanna lose this weigth:

1- Look better, feel better, be happier.
2- go to any store and find my size easily.
3 - go to f21 without telling myself "oh their clothes just run small"
4- wear a sexy little black dress and rock it.
5- dont wanna feel like the biggest one of the bunch.
6- prove to myself i can do this and everything i set myself up to.
7- prove to food that it doesnt have power over me anymore.
8- feel sexy.
9- wear short shorts!
10- to stop comparing myself with other girls and think "wish it was me"

Feel free to add a reason if you reply!
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Hmmmm. I'm not at my goal weight, but I'm back in a "normal" BMI and feel much happier with my body, so I think these are more reasons that are already here, rather than things I'm still aiming for.

1 - I'm noticing that as I lose weight, I can do some yoga poses that were impossible before. For instance, I can now do wheel! And crow! I'm not sure if this is because I'm lighter or because I'm slowly building muscle in my arms, but it's great!

2 - When I'm at a weight I feel good at, I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel more comfortable inhabiting a body that fits my perception of myself. When I looked in the mirror at 170 pounds, I didn't see what I thought I should see.

3 - I know that clothing size should be irrelevant and fluctuates by brand, but again, I'm much happier knowing that I can consistently fit into mediums and size 8s. I can even fit into some (admittedly rather tight) size 6 lululemon tank tops.

4 - I can feel my collarbone and my hipbones. It sounds weird but I love tapping my hipbones and reminding myself that they're there and visible and I can feel them again!

5 - I feel like I look normal. Like - people will look at me and just see another 20-something woman. They won't see me and think "oh, she could stand to lose a few pounds".

6 - I reached 170 pounds by eating and eating and eating. A lot of it was just junk - donuts, pizza, fried chicken, more donuts. It made me feel gross afterwards. In order to get to my current weight, I've been eating more healthily, and I feel much better - I feel like I have more energy and my body just feels better.

7 - I'm pretty sure that when I hit my target weight, my thighs won't rub together. It's only happened once in my life for about 2 days, before I started gaining weight again. It was kind of nifty. One morning I just went "Huh. Walking feels strange. What happened?!?" I want to try for that again!
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1. I love good food. I just need to reconnect with that and not the junk food addict
2. I want to be healthy and happy
3. I don't want my family to talk behind my back (and they do )
4. I want to fit back into my clothing. I am not willing or able to buy a new wardrobe
5. I would like to be able to shop at Forever 21 and H&M too and not think their sizes are just too small for me
6. To be comfortable in my bathing suit again
7. To prove I am stronger than food (addiction).
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