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Tilly5 – I am sure that you looked great in your swimsuit!
Skutumpah – French bakeries are so lovely!!! I prefer European desserts over the savory food. Not a macaron person, but croissants, pain du chocolat, my goodness! As far as weekends go, I think I get a little lax too, but I walk around so much it seems to even out, so just staying active helps – plus I see it as a nice change from the other 5 days/week.
LongColdWinter – Wow that’s really disciplined of you! I run away from the gym on the weekends hahaha
Sum38 – that is GREATTTT. I like to call it the vacation-woosh – I had it happen to me when I went to China. Pre-lost weight because I assumed that I would gain but nope, lost some more. Its awesome right? Vacation food + a lower weigh-in!

As far as deciding maintenance goal, I always had a particular look that I was REALLY into – I was always pretty satisfied with my proportions/face, just underneath all the flab LOL. I pretty much wanted to look like the hot girls in men’s magazines/sports illustrated so once I figured out what it took to get to that size, that’s what I went for, so that’s why vanity lbs for me are just as much of a “battle” as the initial starting weight lbs. I am interested in muscle maintenance, don’t really care about gaining muscle, but I just prioritize other things, so I don’t really invest in that. We can only do so much, so I just try to pick what is most important to me and go with that.

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some awesome progress in here!

pixelllate, congrats on being so close to goal!!! And Sum, managing to lose a couple of lbs in vacation is an incredible feat!

I'm just slowly chugging along myself... saw 131 before the weekend, but found out I got a new job out of state on Friday and had quite the celebration over the weekend. It was for a good cause, and have been back on plan since yesterday.

the hardest part is missing my evening glass of wine... sigh.
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Hi all!
Back from my vacation and all the catching up I had to do afterward. We did go to the beach and I did wear a bathing suit. I never would have done that last year. Amazing what 50+ pounds of weight loss can do. The bad news is that I am up 2lbs, but that is okay. I am back on plan and looking forward to goal.

Sum - So glad you had a nice time in CO and even took off a few pounds.

pavvie - Congrats on the new job. Hope it all goes well.

pixellate - So great that you're close to goal and the idea of muscle maintenance sounds like a good one.

skutumpah & LongColdWinter - Encouragement to you as you work to stay on track. I can relate.

Encouragement to ALL you Featherweights!
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I have been sick all week; ear infection and fever. I started feeling crummy on Monday; felt just tired and unmotivated. I thought I was being lazy.

I gained 2 pounds this week. It could be just bloat from being sick. Plus I have been drinking a ton of empty calories. I even indulged on 20oz bottle of Dr. Pepper; the regular kind (I don't do diet; it messes up my stomach).

Last night my ear popped; I think I might have burst the ear drum. It has happened before, and promptly I started feeling better; the ache was gone. I am contemplating if I should see the doctor. I really don't want antibiotics; usually these things heal on their own anyways.

I hope to get back to my exercise routine starting next week. I have come so far with my weightloss, no time to give up now. -- I was so motivated before my Colorado trip and it really messed everything up, plus being sick.

Do I miss the exercise, heck no I was working out 2 1/2 hours per day before my CO trip. And I was dropping 2 pounds per week.... I really need to get back into the groove of things. Next week!! (Actually Sunday I'll go to my aerobic class). I don't want to gain my weight back.
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Sum - Sorry to hear you are not feeling well and about the issue with your ear. Hope you heal well and quickly! Hopefully your gain is just water.

When I got back from my trip the scale said I gained 2lbs, but this morning it is back to where I was before vacation. So I am guessing it was just water weight and that I didn't gain after all -- even though I didn't exercise the whole time (almost 2 weeks). Getting back on track. Turning on the exercise video now. :-)
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