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Default Back, again :( Need some help/encouragement please

Hi all! I am a 32 year old nursing student from the east coast. I am within fifteen pounds of my goal weight but have begun binge eating to the point of being out of control. I really need some support as my boyfriend is more than willing to be an accomplice in my binges. I'm in trouble, as heart disease is a killer in my family and I've eaten fast food so much in the past few weeks I can feel the effects on my heart and blood pressure. The worst part is I know better! Help
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I don't know if this is the first or second time you've lost weight but speaking as someone who has done this twice now, I say this with kindness - STOP!

When I was a teen, I weighed 140 up until I turned 18. By then, my weight had reached 160. By September of, oh, what was that...2007? I weighed 130. I managed to not only shed the weight I'd gained but I also managed to shed an extra ten pounds!

Well, my boyfriend kind of put a stop to that... Unintentionally but, yeah. He told me to focus less on eating and exercising and more on just enjoying life. The thing is, he's 5'10" and struggles to put weight on, he'd never understand where I'm coming from. I didn't understand this at the time and between "enjoying life" and our miserable relationship, I ballooned up to 181 pounds by September of 2011.

It's taken me until today to reach 135 pounds. I could have been thin this entire time, working out, improving, making friends, feeling confident...but I lost all that time to bad decision making.

Just think of all the time you've put into this so far and how much you'll lose if you quit. Tell your boyfriend he's enabling you and you'd like him to stop. If he can't, you'll have to do it on your own and you can do it on your own, I promise!

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You're SO close to your goal now is not the time to stop! I know first hand how hard it is not to binge especially if you have an accomplice and it becomes routine to the point where you actually enjoy it. Having Pizza and wings every Sunday for example...Hard to break that habit if you're partner isn't as committed as you! You need to have a talk about it with him though because it's really affecting you and could have potential effects on your health as well! Seems like you're at a turning point where you realize your behavior has to change, start today! Don't feel too bad about what happened in the past few weeks, if you make the changes today it can only get better from here.
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Dont give up! I know its tough, I am doing this journey AGAIN! and it feels like a constant battle to be honest and my boyfriend is no help either, its just something i have had to battle with alone (until I found 3FC)
I keep a weight chart on my mirror so i see it everyday and that reminds me why i am limiting my food and exercising more, not only to be happy with my body but healthy too.
"Fat lasts longer than flavour" its my new motto - lol, when i see something tasty, just repeat over and over and keep walking!
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