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I can never hate something that allowed me to lost 150lbs.

You are seeing a difference- I just think you want it to come off faster- um- don't we all

I'm with you though- there is a dedication to it- and the counting for me is not the problem- actually I'm back here because I love eating 1500-1800 to maintain- and I really and trying to nerve back up to be diligent again about eating 1200 for another 2months to lose the rest. I don't know why I'm procrastinating, but I am. so I feel ya. I suppose for me- for you- for any of us- if we really want it- we are really going to have to stick to it.
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say what?
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I agree with krampus, if you've done it for a while then you should have a pretty good feeling for what foods you can eat in a day and how much. I managed for a few months without gaining weight, simply because I knew what was too much.
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I'm tired of counting calories as well >.< I stopped doing it.. partly.. Now I don't count exactly how many calories I just ate and write it down, but I roughly count in my head.
And it works for me as well.
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Leveling Up
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Originally Posted by damiilya View Post
I'm tired of counting calories as well >.< I stopped doing it.. partly.. Now I don't count exactly how many calories I just ate and write it down, but I roughly count in my head.
And it works for me as well.
This is what I did to lose weight and I still do it. I hate writing things down and find that keeping a count in my head was much easier.
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I have read that calorie counting doesn't work for everyone because some become so fixated on the calories that it can lead to unhealthy restriction or unrealistic calorie goals. This matches my own experience with calorie counting.

I personally had to give it up. Every time I went over my calorie allowance I felt like I had failed and that I would never get my eating habits under control. The focus on the idea of controlling what I eat and having will power became so daunting that I started to go to a scary place with my eating habits with bingeing and self restriction.

I talked with a nutritionist at my gym and he told me to remove the word calorie from my vocabulary. I don't focus on how many calories I eat but the types of food I eat instead. Restriction and I don't get along so if I want to eat something I eat it but recognize that it is ok to do so. I've managed to lose and keep off 5lbs. (not a lot but its a start)

I personally focus on finding a balance between my nutritional needs and focus on that rather than anything else. I eat till I am satisfied and then I stop, recognizing I can have more if I get hungry again. I tend to eat 3 meals a day with the odd snack and never really get overly hungry.

This is what works for me, a focus on nutrition rather than quantity and I am much happier and healthier for it. Others have great success with calories but my mind doesn't function in a way that makes calories counting a healthy choice for me.
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