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Default Struggling to get back on track, determined!!!!

So the title says it all. I miss the support here, I've kind of stop visiting 3FC and have been slipping big time! I've lost a good amount of weight for me seeing as my whole life the scale has only gone in one direction, but I've been definately eating really crappy for the past week. The scale has gone up a bit, but not majorly. I just need to get connected back in, keep up with my challenges and not freak out. I've felt super out of control, eating way over my calorie allotment and stuffing myself recently for the past week. I'm determined to stop it starting tomorrow, I'm done eating today (ate a ton of chocolate nuggets from Hershey and a big ole' chocolate croissant) and would like to see the scale moving back in the other direction. I figure if I stick with it the slips will become less and less. Any advice out there from people who have slipped a bit and got back on track? Thank you all for being on this site, the support means a lot. Take care everyone, and keep going! We can do this!
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It's great that you're determined to get back on track because that's the first step to getting a hold on your eating! It's much too easy to ignore everything and hope it'll go away, but you know you can do something about it and that is what is important.

Just a few days ago I went on a crazy 3 day no-holds-barred frenzy before reeling myself in two days ago. I know I feel better (physically, mentally and even socially) when I've got a hold of my eating. I can say that after eating better for only two days my stomach bloat (which made me look pregnant) is disappearing and I don't feel as anxious. It's not always easy to get a hold of yourself, but I like to think that each time I slip up I gain the ability to pick myself up faster and better each time. Before I could drag on the binging for weeks or months before being able to kick myself in the bum and be accountable, but now I'm able to get back into it after a few days. I'm hoping there will be a day where I can contain the slip up to one meal, or even one snack and not let it spiral out of control.

Even if you do slip up in the future, you should always remember that you have the ability to pick yourself up and keep moving forward! You're definitely not alone so good luck!
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Right on! I think sometimes it's so easy to slip and so hard to get back on track-- at least with me, I always feel sorry for myself for 'blowing it' again. But the way I see it is that most of the weight gained from a few days of overeating comes off pretty quickly as soon as you get back on track.

Keep going! :0)
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Staying the Same
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I'm right there with you purdumse...today has been fairly "on track" as far as eating is concerned and I already feel way better than I did yesterday or the day before. All we can do is remember how awesome "good" feels and keep chasing that awesome feeling!
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I was off track for most of July and August, so I totally understand!

For me, getting back on track is a matter of 1) Forgiving myself for the bad days and starting fresh, 2) Journaling everything I eat (because chocolate seems a lot less tempting when I know I'll have to measure it out and write the calories down in my little notebook!) 3) Logging back into 3FC!

Oh and exercising early in the day really helps me. If I've worked out, I feel more determined to eat right, so I don't undo my hard work!
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Well I fell off the wagon and it's driven off without me.

I eat like a pig. Takeaways at least twice a week, chocolate at least once a day... Pig pig pig pig. I daren't weigh myself... I feel way heavier, and I've just found a new stretch mark. Arrgh. Not good. I have to stop making excuses like "I'll start on Monday" or "it didn't really work anyway." Because at least I was heading in the right direction with my healthier, cleaner diet.

I move back to university tomorrow and although the odds are stacked against me, I'm going to try and get healthier. Freshers week is next week (a week of boozing and clubbing every night) and although I don't want to miss out on the partying, I can still control my eating. The next week I'll tackle exercise and no alcohol.

Argh. Wish there was a quick fix! :P
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