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one day at a time
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Default I feel awesome

You know that feeling when you do something really good for yourself?

so today i kind of had a "i need to rededicate to this" realization. eating and exercise, i can never manage to be on plan with both of them. if one is on, then the other is off, but for me, ultimately its my eating that effects whether or not i lose weight.
Sooo tonight, after a horrible eating day in which i ate a lot of stupid valentines day candy, i forced myself to get on the treadmill which i was totally not wanting to do. So after walking on the treadmill for an hour (which was like, 45 mins longer than my grumbling self was originally planning lol) i decided that i definitly need to get my eating in order.
i live at home with my family and so ive never had much control over the food thats brought into the house.
But i just spent over an hour in the kitchen putting portions into sandwhich bags and labeling them with the calories in them.
I now have bags of waffles, pretzels, 5 different frozen fruits, 2 different frozen veggies, rice cakes and crackers all with their correct portion size and calories.
And i feel fantastic about it. Ive been wanting to start calorie counting and truth be told, im awful at it. it makes me gravitate towards processed crap because when something is individually wrapped it takes the guess work out. so i end up eating a ton of granola bars so that i can count calories lol
now that i have everything divided up, im a little daunted by my upcoming calorie counting. but i feel more prepared than ever.
now its just to wait and find out what my family says when they see all my sandwhich baggies in the morning lol
anyway, i hope this works better than my past attempts at portion control. im about to head to bed, church in the morning, and then the gym, and then valentines day dinner with my bff (im already online planning out what im going to order).
i just wanted to share my euphoric feeling before it fades away in the shadow of the 20 pounds waiting to be shed.
Happy Valentines Day
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100percentME - good for you! Yes that high feeling is great. I plan ahead also and it really helps. I focus on eating as many fruits and veggies as I can and limit my carbs. I have discovered frozen fruit and it really feels like a treat. I leave a portion at room temperature for 30 minutes and then put some yogurt and a sprinkle of granola on top. I also cut up a big salad and then add a small amount of fish or chicken. But being prepared is very important. Good luck!
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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That's great! I'm in need of some re-energizing myself...
I also have sometimes chosen something less-than-ideal because I know the calorie count - one of the down sides of simply counting calories without any other restrictions. Like danni, I have migrated to a plan of counting calories that also maximizes veggies & fruit and all but eliminates processed grains and sugar.
I have found with calorie counting that after a few days of good choices, it becomes easier because you have a stockpile of go-to things in mind.
to you!
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100% for planning!! It's half the battle...
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Good for you. I love planning too--such a control thing when I actually do a great job at it. Way to rock your re-dedication to health, fitness, YOU!
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