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Question Accountability

Ok... I'm one of those obsessive diet book readers who are constantly reading about the latest and greatest diet fad (bob green's, south beach, body for life etc) or magazine/articles on great motivation techniques, exercises and recipes Yet I'm never on any specific plan for more than a couple days until I'm reading again and starting over until next Monday.

So I read that I need a buddy whether it be a close friend or a cyber buddy. I don't have any close friends who are where I'm at in health and fitness. They just don't care about it at all and you can't talk someone into it... SOOO I found 3FC and I actually stayed motivated for over a full week and felt great. This whole accountability thing sounds great... where I come on line and talk about my progress and get a bunch of high fives or talk about the things I shouldn't have ate (the hot fudge brownie and cheese tots) and get a ear full of "that's ok, we all fall... just get back up on that horse".

Here lies the rub... I don't get the feeling of accountability here. Yes it feels great to hear everybody's responses but there isn't anything to slap me and say STAY ON TRACK!!! Meaning, if I don't log on and participate no one is going to show up on my door-step or call. No one here even knows my name. I need something more to push me.

How is everyone getting what they need from 3FC to keep them going? Please don't take this as a dig on 3FC by no means... this is the closest thing that has kept me on track. I'm just saying if I lose my motivation no one is going to come through my computer unless I turn it on and log on

Does this make sense???
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What you're saying does kind of make sense. The thing I've found though is that this is the best place for weight loss support.

At least for me.

I've tried the WW forum, as well as a couple other random weight loss sites. This was the first one where I felt that I was held accountable, and supported.

If you're looking for a weight loss buddy, someone to chat with or exchange e-mails with for accountability, I'm up for the part. Goodness knows I could use an accountability partner when it comes to my eating...

Plus your stats seems quite similiar to mine, at least the beginning stats. That would help with being in the same area, and having similiar losses...
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While I would just love to have someone kick my butt into gear and make me stay OP and get my exercise in, I have come to the realization that I have to do it for myself. I don't have anyone close that will do it and I'm not willing to pay someone to do it. DH is still of the mindset of "you look fine the way you are" and DD doesn't want her mom hanging around her at the gym. So I may not be doing it as quickly as I would like, but I can only blame myself. I guess it comes down to the motivation thing. Am I motivated to get these last few pounds off? I like to think so, but because I'm already at a healthy weight, what is the point? At this point, as long as I'm not gaining, I'm happy where I am. But I'm still trying.
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I'm pretty much a self-motivator too, coming to 3FC to ask for & provide support on an as-needed basis as well as to log my food/activity. Even though I have real-life buddies who are on weight-loss journey with me, I'm pretty much a go-it-alone person with the exercises, since I don't care for either having to slow myself down or over-exerting myself to play catch up. Besides, there's no "one size fits all" regiment, what works for me diet & activity wise may not work for them, and vice versa. But I digress.

If you want to be held accountable, try asking around the 3FC for a weekly (or twice a week, or however frequent) dieting buddy and make it a PROMISE to send each other private messages as scheduled to keep tabs on one another and provide support (or discpline ) as needed.
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I'm pretty new back to 3FC. Tried it a few years ago in another group, but it was kind of "clicky" and only a few in that group knew each other and stayed to themselves (if that is possible over the internet) .

Featherweights is working out good for me because it is a friendlier group of people with similar goals. In my personal experience, friends and family get sick of hearing about my weight loss plans, when I fail/succeed/ I come to 3FC where there are similar goals. Also, I live in a very rural area...would love a walking buddy...but no one wants to drive 15+ miles one way to a meeting point and walk with me. This is the closest thing to an exercise buddy I have.

I love the idea of "featherweights" because a severely overweight person doesn't have too much sympathy for a slightly overweight but still relatively thin person trying to lose weight and I can't blame them.
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If you need someone to talk to daily you can im or email me I will always respond and try to help keep you on track. Friends are important and they really can help you reach your goals.
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ChocoBroc, I agree with you, this place is great for support, but 1:1 accountability is difficult to get in this type of forum. I am lucky in that I have a buddy here at home with similar goals, and we have been holding each other accountable. Plus, one of the members from this forum took the initiative to PM me when she saw that we had similar goals and came from a similar background. We've been PM'ing for a week or 2 now, and both agree that it certainly helps. You can just "disappear" from a forum if you're not doing well, but your e-mail buddy will check in on you if you don't check in on them!

Please feel free to PM me, though I see that you have several volunteers for the role already.
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If anyone wants to PM me and let me know what kind of support they need, I'd be happy to be there. I'm on here every day. I could use someone who can tell me not to give up. I have no support at all and am completely relying on my own will power which can fade some days. I would like to be held accountable and not encouraged to give up as I am with some people around me.
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The reason I like 3FC is because it's always available, day or night, I can sit here at whatever time I want and someone is here to lend an ear and I am here to lend my ear... Unlike WW where you have to go on a certain day and time, then when you can't go what do you do? I age ...

I too am a go-it-alone type when it comes to exercise, specially the gym... I tried years ago to find a buddy but they had too many excuses NOT to exercise. So I just went alone, and now the whole gym is my buddy system...Just like 3FC is my buddy system for food accountability and venting frustration when it comes to everyday living with an eating problem.

What I initiall liked about 3FC is that I finally realised that I wasn't the only one feeling guilty for overeating and beating myself up, that everyone has up and down days ... I learned to stop the negative self talk, by getting a good talking to through a thread I posted on once...

I presently have an accountabilyt buddy through PMing and it's quite helpful ... Pick a partner, many have shown interest in being a PM partner... Even I will be your partner if you want...

Just know that you're never alone in your struggles...
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