Featherweights For those with just a few pounds, or trying to lose those last few pounds.

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This is a very interesting topic. I have been struggling with complacency for the past 4 months or so...but now that summer is coming up my motivation is renewed.

I may look good in clothes but bathing suits are an entirely different story.

Trips/vacations are also good motivators.
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Well, I've really enjoyed reading these. I am right there with you on the vanity pounds. there are other reasons though. About five years ago, I got down to about 125 and I remember being able to breath easier and just generally felt more comfortable. Now, anyone who carries fat around their middle and has lost it at one point, might understand (HICKERCHICK at 135). When I sat, my fat didn't bunch up infront of me, it felt awesome, freeing! I want that feeling again. I'm not saying I want no belly, but I like having little one. When I was young, I though little bellies were gross, now I think they're sexy and would die for one too, go figure.

I also want another baby at one point and would like to be my top weigh now, 146 at 9 months, instead of the 188, I was the last time!!

Lastly, I live in Montreal, and anyone who has visited Montreal will know what I am talking about. The women here are thin and beautiful and they motivate me constantly because I often feel dumpy around them. Not to mention this is fashion capitol of Canada, and if ya want to wear the fashion here, you better be a size 4!

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out to lunch at the moment..I have been sabotaging like crazy
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My motivation for losing this little bit of extra weight is:

1. I've been piddling around with it for far too long without really trying at exercise and diet for longer than three days at a time!!

2. I started last Wednesday, ANZAC day here, and five weeks from there it will be my fortieth birthday, and I DO NOT want to think, "Oh, I should lose 5 kilos" for the next decade!

3. Even though I am only down 400g from Wednesday, my jeans are definately loser. This is a great motivator to keep going as my sewing teacher says I have 'chicken legs' - think drumstick thighs

4. I know that it takes more work to lose weight as you get older. Whereas once I could lose 1/2 kilo overnight, now obviously it takes a week of sustained work

So, for the moment these are the ruling motivators for me to lose weight.
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