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I started Fat Smash on Sat. December 30th and maintained the 9 day detox for an additional 6 days for a total of 15 days and lost 10 pounds plus...

I'm currently in Phase 2 and I've already lost an additional 2 pounds in only 3 days.

I've been following the diet strictly and avoiding all temptation from any of the forbidden foods...

I've actually gotten used to not eating meat and cheese, so I only have some maybe once or twice a week and other days I'm eating a modified veggie meal with brown rice and picking up protein from lentils and beans.
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Way to go, FitTobe!!!!
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Default Fat Smash Phases

Here is some information on Phase 1 and the following Phases:

Phase One: Detox
The nine-day first phase of the diet is a time when you eat primarily fruits and vegetables, to allow your body to cleanse itself of impurities and toxins. The focus on raw or lightly cooked (steamed or grilled) vegetables and fruits also allows your body to make use of the abundant vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are present in these most natural of foods. During this phase, you establish the habit of eating four to five small meals daily at three-hour intervals. While the menu for meals is rather limited, there is no restriction on how much you eat -- though overeating is
discouraged. A 20- to 25-minute walk after dinner (or some other light exercise) is recommended, or 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times per week..

Allowed Foods

all fruit
all vegetables except white potatoes and avocadoes
dried beans (e.g., chickpeas, lentils)
brown rice
limited skim or soy milk
herbs and spices
low-fat yogurt (no more than 12 oz. daily)
up to 4 egg whites daily
herbal tea
unlimited water

Phase Two: Foundation
The three-week second phase continues the building of good habits while introducing additional foods and increasing physical activity. You continue to eat four to five small meals at three-hour intervals, and you try to maintain a high intake of fruits and vegetables. Skipping meals is not permitted, and fried foods are discouraged. Physical exercise is increased by 10 to 15%.

"New" Allowed Foods

one-half an avocado per day is allowed in this phase, but white potatoes are still forbidden
3 to 4 ounces of meat or seafood daily
1 whole egg
1 ounce of cheese
1 1/2 cups of certain cold cereals (e.g., shredded wheat, Total, Chex)
1/2 cup of certain hot cereals (e.g., oatmeal, farina)
up to 4 teaspoons of sugar or artificial sweetener
up to 2 teaspoons of salt, and unlimited quantities of herbs and spices
2 teaspoons of peanut butter
2 cans of diet soda
10 ounces of coffee
8 ounces of fresh-squeezed fruit juice

Phase Three: Construction
Phase three of the Smash Diet adds still more foods to the allowed list, and increases physical activity yet further. You must eat at least four times per day, and you should continue eating ample quantities of fruits and vegetables. The list of allowed foods both adds new foods and increases allowed portions of other foods. The good news is you can now add a non-fruit dessert once a day. Exercise should be increased by 25%.

"New" Allowed Foods

you can now drink up to 16 ounces of fresh-squeezed fruit juice
meat servings increase to 5 ounces (seafood stays at 3 ounces)
two whole eggs
up to 3 cups of skim or soy milk
1 cup of whole wheat pasta
4 thin slices of whole grain bread
3 chocolate chip cookies
2 oatmeal raisin cookies
1 scoop low-fat ice cream

Phase Four: The Temple
This final phase of The Fat Smash Diet is equivalent to the maintenance phase of most other diets. In this phase, most previously forbidden foods are allowed (albeit in limited quantities), and physical activity is increased to one hour five times per week. At this point, if you have not reached your goal weight, you can repeat the sequence of phases as many times as you wish until you have achieved your goal.

Don't Skip the Appendices!
In addition to 83 pages of recipes and menu ideas, the book has four appendices, each of which contains very useful information:

Appendix 1: a body mass index chart which helps you determine a healthy and reasonable weight goal.
Appendix 2: three pages listing the fiber content of a number of common foods, designed to help you increase your dietary fiber intake.
Appendix 3: information on how to read a food nutrition label
Appendix 4: calorie expenditure charts for several common exercise programs and physical activities.
The Fat Smash Diet is a simple, manageable approach to weight loss. Unlike many fad diets, it's also a healthful weight loss program, with its emphasis on fruits and vegetables and reasonable amounts of exercise.
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I was interested in this diet - a friend went on it last year and did well. I was channel surfing today and caught the Tyra Banks show and had the doctor who wrote the book on the show.......I was impressed.
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Ian was on tyra yesterday and had me sold! As soon as it was over I went out to the bookstore and bought the book!! Im on day one and so far so good! So obviously I to was truly impressed!
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Hey, y'all. My first post except for my intro. I am on Day 2 of Fat Smash Phase I and LOVING it! I don't even have the book yet, am simply following what I learned from the 3FC book review. Many thanks for that, ladies, 'cuz I had passed this book by many times. I have read them all, but thought this one looked totally faddish. Here's the kicker: I lost 3 pounds overnight! Yes, it was all water, but the point is, I was really holding it in ugly places. Thanks for a new and seemingly healthy plan...can't wait to get the book.
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Default Read the book. Ready to implement the

modifications in my eating and exercising habits.

Tomorrow is day one of Fat Smash Detox.

I am loaded up with vegetables, brown rice and black beans.
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Smile Got sick too

I just began the diet 7 days ago. I have been following it exactly. The first two days, I felt very weak and feverish. However, by the third day my body must have adjusted to fewer calories and began feeling fine. I have added iron supplements to my daily vitamin to help with energy. I am very happy to say I have lost 8 pounds in 7 days!!
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those seeking more info check out
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I am now in phase two and, in a way, missing phase one. I did not miss not having meat plus I love fruits and vegatables. This way of eating was different from my last one (atkins). I lost more weight over the nine days than I have in a long time. I probably would have lost even more if I had exercised. I dont really want to move on to phase two, but I know that I need to additions in phase two to maintain and be healthy. I say stick with it. I am planning to go into gym for real during this phase.
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Hi all-I'm new to the site and just bought the book. I am on my first day of phase 1 and have a question about it possible to have lentil soup or canned beans?
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This almost happened to me! I was SOOO discouraged after the second day - but it was because of me, not a flaw in the diet. the 3rd day, i had much more balance, much more protein.
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I think you can have canned beans, soup I'm not so sure. However, just be careful about the sodium content, and drain them if you can
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Yes, my sis and mom have lost much less on phase 2, but your exercising should give your weight lost the extra boost it needs! i'm still in phase one though, and i like it did you do the skim milk and yogurt?
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I started the fast smash diet wed,Jan 8th and I feel really good about it I really enjoy reading everyones post and I really think this isthe way for me to go of course I'm only on day 2 of phase 1,but so far for breakfast I had a protein shake that I made that consists of 8 juice,1/3 oz. of egg whites=2 eggs,1 banana,2 tbsp.benefiber,and ice cubes and that was at 8:00 a.m. and surprisingly I'm not hungry . anyway I'm new here so hello! everyone
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