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I always loved the saying "church is not a museum for saints, but a hospital for sinners." Going to church doesn't make you a Christian, but most christians find that they need the church for Christian growth and fellowship.

I was raised Catholic, in a relatively modern minded church (much more emphasis on core Christian teachings, and less on the doctrines and folk practices that make other Christians suspect Catholicism as unchristian), but I also hated the "hypocracy," and all of the doctrine I didn't understand or agree with. When I married my husband, I had been a lapsed Catholic, and he a slightly less lapsed Missouri Synod Lutheran. I converted, since he was more committed to his denomination that I was to mine, but I found that my problems with the Catholic Church, were not much different than those I found with the Missouri Synod church.

I could definitely have "shopped around," until I found a church that I was more comfortable with, but I was slowly beginning to realize most of the problems I had with the church were problems with me, not the church. I surely can't ask anyone to be perfect, when I can't be, and having worked with all sorts of people in law enforcement and the mental health fields, I learned that you really can't judge a person based on their actions, because you probably have no idea what in their life contributed to them. That doesn't mean you can't as a supportive community, provide consequences.

In a good church, there is a lot of support, so people can counsel each other, and help each other, but when you're used to a church where bad behavior is swept under the rug, supportive churches sometimes feel overwhelmingly "nosy" and interfering. I know it's something I struggle with, as I was raised in a church where you confessed sins to the pastor (and he confessed his sins to another priest), but it wasn't anyone else's business. Now in a more active church, everything you do, and do not do, is everyone's business (mostly in a positive way, but because of human nature, sometimes in not such a nice way). I have a hard time sometimes with the paradox in this, but all I can really conclude is even this for the glory of God.
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there are two ways to look at your walk with Christ. for both of them imagine God as the center of a circle. the first philosophy says that no matter where you are, as long as you are getting closer to God, that is what matters.

The second one, says the circle is called "salvation" and as long as you are in the circle, it doesn't matter how close you are to God.

It think that, to quote Ben Franklin (deist, i know, but i doesn't make it less logical) "God winks in our times of ignorance". This means to me, and seems to hold up with the way God describes himself in his word, that even though there may be people who don't know God, or who are searching but finding the wrong things, that desire to know him is what matters. It's kind of the guy on the island idea. That guy knows, inherently that something made all that is around him. He may never be introduced to Jesus or offered "salvation" but his actions in his life, weather he tries to live according to the pry of the Holy Spirit or not deterimes his eternal destiny.

We are to be seekers of truth. "ye shall know the truth and the the truth shall set you free". Lovers of God "have no other Gods before me" and lovers of our fellow men "the greatest of these is love". Strive to live like Jesus did. and remember that since churches are made of humans they will not be perfect. We must watch ourselves. Treat others like Jesus would have treated them, he didn't shun those who were sinners just because he was perfect. Church is important. So is honoring the Sabbath. If you don't go to church on sabbath morning then at least "Honor his sabbath and keep it holy". Take that Day to focus on God. Don't stay at home and watch tv or play video games. Read his word, meditate on it, spread the gospel. Do good in the name of the lord, for "it is lawful to do good on the sabbath".

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My DH and I have returned to his family's church (which just happens to be Catholic); my family was traditionally Anglican (very close); but we went to an interesting mix of churches over our lifetime, becuz not all the small towns we lived in had the same churches there. Mostly, we went to one that we found fit our family and visa-versa; one that we felt comfortable in; and felt welcomed into; and where we could learn and grow ...

No church, no pastor (or minister, priest, etc), and no person is perfect ... except JESUS, himself. As I mentioned in another thread recently, DH and I have had good and not-so-good experiences over the years, but we NEVER blamed GOD or JESUS for the shortcomings of others ...

We human beings are terribly flawed, and we make mistakes with regularity ~ LOL! So, in every church there will be those who don't talk and act like we might expect them to. Jesus said, I didn't come to save righteous people, I came to save sinners (Matt 9:13). So, I also think that church is indeed a kind of Infirmary for the Imperfect; we just need a lot of forgiveness. That is what the cross was for ...

So, we just kept visting until we have found a place that we can call home for now. Is it perfect? Of course not, but we like many things about it, and it's a good compromise. Every now and then, DH and I do go to a Protestant church (which I am) just for me; as I still love singing the traditional songs from the hymnals ...

I would suggest that you keep looking; keep visiting until you find a church where you feel comfortable; and whose doctrines you agree with for the most part; and a place where you feel that you can learn, grow, worship, and make friends too!
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All the hypocrites are at church? Well guess what: They are also at work, the grocery store, the gas station, the beach, etc, etc.


None of us are perfect, which is why we need Jesus. Don't let them be the deciding factor of your commitment to go to church. Find a church where when you go you feel God is really speaking to you, in your heart. Stick with that one.
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Default The importance of church

I understand your concerns about the hypocrisy you found in church but you will find hypocrisy in every area of your life, work, friends, leisure, etc. There are churches out there where the congregation is more serious about their obedience to God. Please remember that we all fall short of the glory of God. We are sinners and will sin until the day we die. I strongly urge you to find a strong bible-believing church where Christ comes first. Let's face it, the world out there hates Jesus Christ. The world out there is not too crazy about Christians. But when you go to right church and worship God you will be surrounded by people who love the Lord, who care for you and you will feel that love. Tell me where you are going to find that out in the world. Relationships are very important to God. The most important relationship you can ever have is with God Himself. God wants you to be surrounded by His children so they can help you to mature and grow .
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