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Default Walking Poles

Very interesting blurb in October 9th issue of First for Women mag about walking poles for those looking for ways to exercise. Might be fun to try to add some variety to your walking. I wondered if anyone else had tried them? BJ
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I have them! I love them! I'm quite heavy and walking tends to put strain on my lower back - these help me keep a better posture while I walk. PLUS, if you use them properly, they really do bring a more full workout to your walking. I feel more loose and exercised when I use them!
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I use them when I hike. I thought I would have to give up hiking because of some health issues, but once I got the poles, hiking has been so much easier.
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One of my primary forms of exercise is hiking. I don't use poles when I hike but I've seen many people use them. I read both good and bad things about them but really I think it is a personal preference. You might try to find some used or borrow them from someone who has them to see if you like them before committing to a brand new pair for yourself.

One thing I've noticed since I started hiking is an increase in my stability and balance. I'm not sure if I would've seen the same increases if I used poles when I went hiking.
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Default walking poles

I don't know where you live but near me we have a store called Ocean State Job Lot (mostly odds and ends and close out merchandise) and they had the poles for about $10.00 a set. I was thinking of trying them myself. For $10 you really can't go wrong.
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I read about them quite awhile ago and got out some old ski poles. I live on a gravel road so they work great for me.
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I saw people using them and would like to try them except most of the ones I saw were too short for me. When I climbed the really steep trail I ended up with a stick I found in the brush. But wow if you found them for $10 that is a deal. The ones I saw online and in stores are between $50-100 EACH! For that price I'll use my old stick.
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