Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Talking help on walking puhlease! :)

I am trying my hardest to get going on working out. I need to lose about 20 pounds. I have found that I really enjoy walking and actually do not get bored with it. I am a little skeptical on the results I will actually get from walking though. Any testimonials from walkers who have seen significant results just from proper dieting and walking as exercise? I sure need the motivation. Thanks a bunch!
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Default Hope to inspire you.


January 3, 2006 I had my annual visit to the OB/GYN and weighted in at 174! (fully clothed). Today, just as a follow-up visit due to an ear infection........I weighted in at 158 (fully clothed). A 16 pound loss in less than nine months. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before the next annual visit in Jan. 2007.

My routine is simply walking 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes. I have increased my time to 40-45 minutes now. Watch my portions on eating. Drink 3 to 4 bottles of water a day......on a good day I drink 5 but that doesn't happen very often .

I've been on many restrictive diets before and lost a lot of weight really fast but always gained it back plus more! I am tired of that yo-yo effect.

I love walking and I highly recommend it for a lifetime commitment.

I know you can do it. Just keep it up and slowly increase the amount of time or distance. Its fun and easy. Not hard on the joints and you get a lot of fresh air. Best of all you'll be healthier!
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I lost the first 30 or so pounds just by walking and counting calories.
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I've trained many many clients that have achieved results through walking. The trick (just like with any exercise program) is to progressively make it more intense. You can do this by adding hills, increasing the speed, or stopping to do exercise on the way (ie, high steps, push ups, sit ups etc).

If boredom is a problem then try listening to music, taking a friend, or changing the route.

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Another way to make your walking more of a workout is to add weight. I have lost 73 lbs. The first 20 by diet and very light walks around the farm. Then I got a buddy and went on a few here and there but then in the last few months have started going twice a week. What we do is carry our backpacks. As I have lost weight and gotten stronger, I add more weight to the pack - up to the amount I would carry on an overnighter. By carrying at least 20 lbs at any given time - and we always hike a steep hill, makes 40 lbs in the forest a breeze. On our 2 night hike I had a good 60 lbs on.

I attribute the majority of weight loss to diet, but the toning and firming of my flabby butt is 100% due to the walking. Plus when you work big muscles like the glutes and quads, you get residual benefit from the metabolism boost.

I even had to increase my caloric intake due to the fat burning effects of hiking with weight on.

Another perk is being able to get a really good work out in an hour (1-2 miles) without having to spend all day to break a sweat. Just remember to eat before you go and rest as often as needed, bring a snack and lots of water. A dog helps too since they have such enthusiasm.
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The first exercise I started was walking. Just 1 mile a day, and I practically doubled the rate I was losing by diet alone. I graduated to running, because I wanted to burn intense calories in a shorter time. I started this in 2003. These days, I get to the park about 5 days a week. I start out with a run. I generally try to get in a 2 mile run. This morning I did intervals and ran 3 miles total (walk one song, run one), and walked an additional 4+ miles. It's a long way from 1 mile a day, and I used to think that was killer. LOL
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I started out for several months by eating right (not logging food or counting calories, but being aware of what I was eating and eating healthful foods... and walking. I lost quite a bit of weight and became SO much stronger and then added in water aerobics, occasional gym and some other things. I still do a lot of walking and YES it has been a tremendous help.
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I think many people see walking as such an easy, light exercise that they can't imagine getting a lot of calorie-burning benefit out of it. It CAN be like that, or it can be some pretty intense cardio. I've lost 33 pounds since 7/18, and yes I've been cutting down considerably on my caloric intake, but most of my exercise has been brisk walking. If I got on the treadmill at 2.5 instead of 3.5 or 3.8, I doubt I would burn many calories at all because that just feels like a stroll. Cardio is all about getting your heart rate up to a safe but high level, and if walking fast does it for you, then it'll work. If you walk really fast and it feels like you're doing nothing, you're probably going to have to break into a run! I've walked with people so many times and they've just barely strolled. I can't keep walking partners like that because it's just a waste of time!! Obviously, it's better than not moving at all, but it doesn't really count as cardio.
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Hi Lisa

Well to an extent I agree with you... you do need to do brisk walking. However, when I started I had gained SO much weight and especially my boobs were so huge there was so much pain in my back and shoulders I could hardly walk much at all. I had to stop every half block or so and lean on poles and fences, sit on rocks, etc. But I kept at it and eventually could go faster. Now I can move my butt LOL. But I DID lose weight by just doing what I could do and dragging my butt along.

At the same time, it is of course much better now that I can go farther and faster. I highly recommend a good pedometer which will measure your aerobic steps as well as your total steps. The Omron HJ-112 is the best IMO and also was highly recommended to me by others here on 3FC. You can just put it in your pocket. I had several other peds before I bought this one but they all stopped working after a very short time but this one has been really good. I had to order it on amazon.com as I could not find it anywhere. But it is also motivating, as you are logging the aerobic steps. Also, for aerobic you have to walk at least 10 minutes before they start logging as aerobic and at a pace of at least 60 steps a minute... which is NOT hard; I go almost twice that on average (I vary my pace between fast and slow as I am able). But if I have been walking 5 or more minutes I will NOT stop because I want the steps to count.

It really is a great form of exercise and you can do it just about anywhere and it is FREE. And yes, it can be a pretty intense workout if you make it one! Sometimes I even walk backwards up the big hills... now THAT will use a few unknown muscles!!!
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