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Unhappy Running

I feel silly when I run. I hate it... I stop myself because I think that I look stupid running. I feel like I'm going to break the treadmill or something.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Do you have any suggestions for getting over it?
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I was just talking to my husband this morning about this very thing.

There was a time where I absolutely refused to get on the treadmill and even walk because I felt so uncomfortable. Then, when I could walk, I refused to even acknowledge that there was such a thing as running - and I certainly was NEVER going to do that. I felt silly, uncoordinated, and all I could concentrate on was my fat shaking around.

About four months ago I finally, finally, talked myself into running for two minutes. Just two minutes. I had to work up from there. But lately, my usual is to run for at leats 30 minutes, and lately I have been in the habit of running my neighborhood - even the busy streets.

I just don't care anymore. It feels fantastic to me now. Honestly, sometimes the first minute or two feels awkward, but definitely by two minutes into running it feels normal and natural and wonderful.

Just take it slowly and don't push yourself too hard or expect too much. And most importantly - you are not alone in the feeling silly.
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First up, I love to run, so I've never really felt like that. I think the big question is whether you are running because you want to run, or whether you're running because you feel like you should to lose weight. For me, I'd always wanted to be able to run, which is what gave me the motivation to keep going when it was hard to start with. But if I was just running because it was exercise then I might have considered switching to a different sort of exercise. Even if it doesn't burn quite as many calories, if you're likely to do it more often then that has to be a good thing. It may be that if you get into the habit of exercising you come back to running and really make a go of it.

I'm not telling you to stop running, by the way, just really trying to get to the bottom of your motivation.

If you DO want to run, but just feel self conscious when you're doing it, can you change when and where you run? If you're running on a treadmill in the gym, is it possible to find a quieter time until you get used to it. It's unlikely that anyone is looking at you thinking anything other than "good for her, getting herself fit" (if indeed they're looking at you at all, they'll be too busy with their own routines). Alternatively, just ignore them, because they're probably ignoring you

If you're running outside then you'll probably find other runners more encouraging, they'll say hello or smile as you go past. And as for people who aren't running, well, what do they know? At least you're getting out there to try!

If it feels physically uncomfortable, just remember to build up slowly and gradually. Don't try to do too much at once until you're used to it. You don't need to run for 30 minutes straight away, 1 or 2 minutes is fine to start building up. Don't worry about people seeing you taking walk breaks, we all have to start somewhere.

When I started running on the treadmill I used to see all these people with their treadmills set far faster than mine and wondered what they must think of me plodding along. Well, now I reckon I could beat most of them if I wanted to, it just takes time and perseverance.
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I'm sure I look silly when I run. I can feel my face flopping and when I start to sweat, my shirt sticks to my rolls. But I really don't care, and I know that nobody is looking at me because when I run or do any other cardio machine, I don't look at anybody else. I'm in my own world, and I'm pretty darn sure everyone else is, too. I just stick those ear pods in, turn on the music and run. The benefits are awesome so I hope you can get over feeling self-conscious because eventually you'll absolutely love the way you look, feel, and move.
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Good points from YP (it's all her fault that i have even tried to run)

1. Wear the best sports bra you can find. It'll help your posture and make you feel less self concious.

2. You sound better on the treadmill than you think you do. When I first started running I thought I sounded like a great big elephant. But you don't really

3. Concentrate on intervals like YP said. Don't hop on the thing expecting to run and get it over with. Even if you walk for 10 minutes and run for 1, it's still running, still burning more calories than you would if you just walked it, and you'll get used to it.

4. Running gets easier everytime you do it, when you're starting. Like weight loss you may get to plateau where your progress stalls, but with persistence it will get better.

5. You have to want to do it. It's no point running if you really hate it, but give it a shot. Read stuff too, I now subscribe to Runners World (also YP's fault) and that has really helped to motivate and inspire me.
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I know what you mean about not knowing HOW to run. I often felt like I was not doing it right. I always feel like I am getting a wedgy from my workout clothes and I feel like my face is bright red because running is so hard for me. Any discomfort or self consciousness fades from your mind when you feel the accomplishment of a good hard run though...believe me it is so worth it!
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