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Unhappy New to sight..need exercise help

Hey everyone i just joined this site and im desperate for a little help. Im not sure exactly how much exercise i need to be doing per week in order to lose at least a pound if not more. It seems like everytime i take off a few pounds I pack on a couple more a few days later im usally really good about my diet and try to eat about 1400 calories per day. I have dieted before and lost 60 pounds, however i was not able to maintain and put 30 of those pounds back on. This time im dedicated to doing it but it just gets discouraging when you hop on the scale and youve gained. I just need some help knowing if im exercising enough and why i could be putting this weight on.
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Well, remember if you're exercising, you're probably building muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat there may be a weight gain. I've heard from so many different people about suggestions for exercising. Personally, I exercise for an hour (on the elliptical) 5-6 days a week, and this is what I've heard is reccomended for exercise. I'm sure there are many other opinions on the matter, though.
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Welcome krazychick Could you give us more details of your workouts and food plan? Are you following anything specific ? Give us more details and we'll be able to help you out better...
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