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Becomming a Monster
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Default snacking

i have a nasty habbit of eating late at night i just started recently the rugby season is fast approaching and i need to get in shape so i'm really training hard as a result i've upped my food intake to somewhere aroudn 3200 calories a day sometimes higher i'm not gaining any weight but i'm not losing either but i find unless i eat high carb foods late at night i'm to tired in the morning to get out of bed

i eat loads of carbs loads and loads my diet is about 65% carb anything less and i get really tired and get lots of head rushes.

breakfast is at 9am after being to the gym is 2 bowls of cereal and a pint of juice. 11 is a bannana 12.30 i have boiled rice with veg in gravey i measure out a full cup of rice to boil 3ish i have a sandwich 6ish dinner normally microwave rice and curry about 600 calories each. i get through half a packet of biscuits a day i'll have grilled fish or chicken at 9ish and probably a large cracker and cheese sandwich before bed anything less and i feel really really tired and can't really be bothered to do much
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Bye bye baby weight!!
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I have the complete opposite reaction when I eat too many carbs for dinner...I can't get out of bed in the morning. If I eat alot of protein before bed, I sleep great great and wake up just fine. Too many carbs and I can hardly even open my eyes in the morning...I get SO sluggish. Isn't it weird how food effects us differently. Good luck with your rugby I wish I could eat that many calories, lucky!!
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